Regarding the recent effort to block our public streets

May 14, 2021


Across the nation this past year, Americans watched as city after city fell victim to riots, crime, and lawlessness. The bad actors who preyed upon these communities often did so under the guise of “peaceful protests,” but they betrayed their own words by their criminal actions.

Unfortunately, it appears that some in Collin County are willing to break the law in order to garner media and public attention, demonstrated by the recent orchestrated effort to block a busy Plano intersection while protesting in the middle of our public streets.

The individuals who engaged in this behavior knowingly and volitionally disregarded the law and endangered others to further their own objectives. Like a school yard bully who torments others for his own amusement or profit, these agitators intentionally provoked conflict so that more people will pay them attention.

I will always support “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” But I offer no sympathy and no support for those who break the law, those who abuse others, those who create conflict and destruction, and those who terrorize our communities.

I have spoken with Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner regarding the recent issue in the City of Plano, and no Collin County deputies were involved in the incident.

I have full confidence that Sheriff Skinner and his office will always work to create a safe environment for anyone engaged in peaceful protests. But those who cross the line into illegal activity will be arrested and held accountable for their actions.

I am proud to stand with all Collin County law enforcement officers who make daily sacrifices to protect our communities and our families.