Team Hill
Team Hill

Over 3700 Endorsements!

Texas Values Action
Grassroots America We the People
HOMEPAC of Greater Dallas
Collin County Patriots
We the People Allen
True Texas Project
Apartment Association of Greater Dallas
Collin County Conservative Republicans
ACEC Dallas
Texas Eagle Forum PAC
Red Wave Texas
Prosper Citizen Group
Asian Republican Club of North Texas
Texas Restaurant Association

Over 3700 Endorsements!

Texas Values Action
Grassroots America We the People
Collin County Patriots
We the People Allen
True Texas Project
Apartment Association of Greater Dallas
HOMEPAC of Greater Dallas
Collin County Conservative Republicans
Prosper Citizen Group
Red Wave Texas
Texas Eagle Forum PAC
Asian Republican Club of North Texas
ACEC Dallas
Texas Restaurant Association

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Elected Official Endorsements

State & Federal Officials *

  • Honorable Pat Fallon, United States Congress
  • Honorable Cathie Adams, Republican Party of Texas Chair (former) and Republican National Committeewoman for Texas (former)
  • Honorable Chuck Branch, State Republican Executive Committee (former) and McKinney City Council (former)
  • Honorable Greg Brewer, State District Judge (former)
  • Honorable Konni Burton, Texas State Senator (former)
  • Honorable Justin Holland, Texas State Representative
  • Honorable Bryan Hughes, Texas State Senator
  • Honorable Matt Krause, Texas State Representative
  • Honorable Jeff Leach, Texas State Representative
  • Honorable Pam Little, State Board of Education and Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Jerry Madden, Texas State Representative (former)
  • Honorable Mayes Middleton, Texas State Representative
  • Honorable Candy Noble, Texas State Representative and State Republican Executive Committee (former)
  • Honorable Angela Paxton, Texas State Senator
  • Honorable Jim Pikl, State Republican Executive Committee
  • Honorable Matt Rinaldi, Republican Party of Texas Chair and Texas State Representative (former)
  • Honorable Scott Sanford, Texas State Representative
  • Honorable Matt Shaheen, Texas State Representative
  • Honorable Ron Simmons, Texas State Representative (former)
  • Honorable Steve Tittle, State District Judge (former)
  • Honorable Karl Voigtsberger, State Republican Executive Committee (former)
  • Honorable Maggie Whitt, State Republican Executive Committee

County Officials *

  • Honorable Trent Bass, Grayson County Treasurer (former)
  • Honorable Maurine Dickey, Dallas County Commissioner (former)
  • Honorable Gary Edwards, Collin County Constable
  • Honorable Darrell Hale, Collin County Commissioner
  • Honorable Stacey Kemp, Collin County Clerk
  • Honorable Yoon Kim, Collin County District Clerk (former)
  • Honorable J.J. Koch, Dallas County Commissioner
  • Honorable Johnny Lewis, Collin County Justice of the Peace (former)
  • Honorable Keith Self, Collin County Judge (former)
  • Honorable Jim Skinner, Collin County Sheriff
  • Honorable John Thomas, Collin County Commissioner (former)
  • Honorable Kathy Ward, Collin County Commissioner (former)
  • Honorable Cheryl Williams, Collin County Commissioner
  • Honorable Shane Williams, Collin County Constable
  • Honorable Greg Willis, Collin County District Attorney
  • Honorable Kirk Wilson, Denton County Judge (former)

Collin College Officials *

  • Honorable Bob Collins, Collin College Trustee and Plano City Council (former)
  • Honorable Greg Gomel, Collin College Trustee
  • Honorable Andy Hardin, Collin College Trustee
  • Honorable Raj Menon, Collin College Trustee
  • Honorable Fred Moses, Collin College Trustee
  • Honorable Jim Orr, Collin College Trustee
  • Honorable Jay Saad, Collin College Trustee

Mayors *

  • Honorable Scott Bradley, Mayor, Murphy
  • Honorable David Bristol, Mayor, Prosper
  • Honorable Olena Bonner, Mayor, Enchanted Oaks (former)
  • Honorable Jeff Cheney, Mayor, Frisco
  • Honorable Joe Cordina, Mayor, Parker (former)
  • Honorable Darion Culbertson, Mayor, Fairview (former)
  • Honorable Mike Felix, Mayor, Sachse (former)
  • Honorable George Fuller, Mayor, McKinney
  • Honorable David Gensler, Mayor, Saint Paul
  • Honorable Angel Hamm, Mayor, New Hope (former)
  • Honorable Jack Harvard, Mayor, Plano (former)
  • Honorable Joe Helmberger, Mayor, Farmersville (former)
  • Honorable Jon Hendricks, Mayor, Anna (former)
  • Honorable Eric Hogue, Mayor, Wylie (former)
  • Honorable Corbett Howard, Mayor, Celina (former)
  • Honorable Steve Hufstetler, Mayor, Saint Paul (former)
  • Honorable Trace Kinnard, Mayor, Nevada (former)
  • Honorable Henry Lessner, Mayor, Fairview
  • Honorable Jim Lewis, Mayor, Celina (former)
  • Honorable Brian Loughmiller, Mayor, McKinney (former)
  • Honorable Jim Marischen, Mayor, Weston
  • Honorable Carla McCroan, Mayor, Josephine (former)
  • Honorable Don McCroan, Mayor, Josephine (former)
  • Honorable Richard Newton, Mayor, Colleyville
  • Honorable Jim Olk, Mayor, Lucas
  • Honorable Nate Pike, Mayor, Anna
  • Honorable Matthew Porter, Mayor, Wylie
  • Honorable Ben Ponce, Mayor, Nevada
  • Honorable Phillip Pulliam, Mayor, Blue Ridge (former) and Blue Ridge ISD
  • Honorable Andy Reitinger, Mayor, New Hope
  • Honorable Vicki Sanson, Mayor, Lavon
  • Honorable Kathy Seei, Mayor, Frisco (former)
  • Honorable Greg Singleton, Mayor, Murphy (former)
  • Honorable Ray Smith, Mayor, Prosper (former)
  • Honorable Derek Stephens, Mayor, Lowry Crossing (former)
  • Honorable Sean Terry, Mayor, Celina
  • Honorable Chuck Teske, Mayor, Lavon (former)
  • Honorable Jason Turney, Mayor, Josephine
  • Honorable Paul Voelker, Mayor, Richardson
  • Honorable Opie Walter, Mayor, Saint Paul (former)
  • Honorable Bryon Wiebold, Mayor, Farmersville
  • Honorable Rhonda Williams, Mayor, Blue Ridge
  • Honorable Leahray Wroten, Mayor, Fairview (former)

City & Town Councils *

  • Honorable John Adler, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Brad Ahlfinger, Josephine City Council
  • Honorable Chad Anderson, Celina City Council (former)
  • Honorable Craig Andres, Prosper Town Council
  • Honorable Julie Anderson, Melissa City Council (former)
  • Honorable Tim Baney, Lucas City Council
  • Honorable Lily Bao, Plano City Council (former)
  • Honorable Chad Barnes, Anna City Council (former)
  • Honorable Kimberly Barrow, New Hope Town Council
  • Honorable Amy Bartley, Prosper Town Council
  • Honorable John Beazley, Anna City Council (former)
  • Honorable Steve Bell, McKinney City Council (former)
  • Honorable David Bishop, Allen City Council (former)
  • Honorable Cynthia Brugge, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Nathan Bryan, Anna City Council (former)
  • Honorable Stan Carver, Anna City Council
  • Honorable Ashly Caserotti, New Hope Town Council
  • Honorable Keith Chitwood, Blue Ridge City Council
  • Honorable Carl Clemencich, Allen City Council
  • Honorable Patrick Cloutier, McKinney City Council
  • Honorable Dave Cornette, Allen City Council
  • Honorable Charles Cotten, Prosper Town Council
  • Honorable Nathan Council, Princeton City Council (former)
  • Honorable Bill Cox, McKinney City Council (former)
  • Honorable Kelly Davis, McKinney City Council (former)
  • Honorable Don Day, McKinney City Council (former)
  • Honorable Carol Decker, Weston City Council
  • Honorable David Duke, Wylie City Council
  • Honorable Steve Duke, Lucas City Council (former)
  • Honorable Tommy Ellison, Grand Prairie City Council (former)
  • Honorable Roland Feldman, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Philip Ferguson, Prosper Town Council
  • Honorable Debbie Fisher, Lucas City Council
  • Honorable Jeff Forrester, Wylie City Council
  • Honorable Rick Franklin, McKinney City Council
  • Honorable Frederick Frazier, McKinney City Council
  • Honorable John Geren, Anna City Council (former)
  • Honorable David Goss, Wylie City Council (former)
  • Honorable Roger Harris, McKinney City Council (former)
  • Honorable Tom Harrison, Plano City Council (former)
  • Honorable Buddy Hayes, Anna City Council (former)
  • Honorable Thad Helsley, McKinney City Council (former)
  • Honorable Paul Hendricks, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Joel Holyoak, Lucas City Council (former)
  • Honorable Rich Hooper, Princeton City Council (former)
  • Honorable Andy Hopkins, Celina City Council
  • Honorable Ken Hutchenrider, Richardson City Council
  • Honorable Olin Jaye, Plano City Council (former)
  • Honorable Scott Johnson, Frisco City Council (former)
  • Honorable Tim Johnson, Lucas City Council
  • Honorable Ron Kasian, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable John Keating, Frisco City Council
  • Honorable David Keer, Lucas City Council
  • Honorable Ron Kelley, Plano City Council (former)
  • Honorable Pat Kelly, Lowry Crossing City Council
  • Honorable Kyle Kepner, Richardson City Council (former)
  • Honorable Cullen King, Sachse City Council
  • Honorable David Kleiber, Princeton City Council
  • Honorable Mindy Koehne, Celina City Council
  • Honorable Phil Lawrence, Lucas City Council
  • Honorable Scott Levine, Parker City Council (former)
  • Honorable Lenny Lewis, Lowry Crossing City Council (former)
  • Honorable Larry Little, Fairview Town Council
  • Honorable Brian Livingston, Frisco City Council
  • Honorable Ken Logsdon, Fairview Town Council
  • Honorable Terry Lynch, Parker City Council
  • Honorable Wendy Mattingly, Blue Ridge City Council (former)
  • Honorable Daren Meis, Allen City Council
  • Honorable Cindy Meyer, Parker City Council
  • Honorable Lee Miller, Anna City Council
  • Honorable Meigs Miller, Prosper Town Council
  • Honorable Wayne Millsap, Lucas City Council (former)
  • Honorable Brent Money, Greenville City Council (former)
  • Honorable Van Nichols, Frisco City Council (former)
  • Honorable Bill Nicol, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Omar Nunez, New Hope Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Ross Obermeyer, Allen City Council (former)
  • Honorable Ken Oltmann, Murphy City Council
  • Honorable Frank O'Reilly, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Craig Overstreet, Farmersville City Council
  • Honorable Kathleen Peele, Lucas City Council
  • Honorable Charlie Philips, McKinney City Council
  • Honorable Julia Phillips, Lowry Crossing City Council
  • Honorable Marley Phillips, Lowry Crossing City Council
  • Honorable Jay Pierce, Celina City Council
  • Honorable Randy Pogue, McKinney City Council (former)
  • Honorable Christina Porath, Blue Ridge City Council
  • Honorable Dick Price, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Mary Price, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Marcus Ray, Prosper Town Council
  • Honorable Anthony Ricciardelli, Plano City Council
  • Honorable Heather Richardson, Weston City Council
  • Honorable Ron Samuels, Fairview Town Council (former)
  • Honorable Terry Sanner, New Hope Town Council
  • Honorable Chris Schulmeister, Allen City Council
  • Honorable Stan Sewell, Carrollton City Council (former)
  • Honorable Dave Shafer, Allen City Council
  • Honorable Robert Simmons, Saint Paul Town Council
  • Honorable Michael Slaughter, Parker City Council
  • Honorable Michelle Smith, Rockwall City Council (former)
  • Honorable Rick Smith, Plano City Council
  • Honorable Betty Spraggins, Murphy City Council (former)
  • Honorable Shep Stahel, Plano City Council (former)
  • Honorable Justin Steiner, Celina City Council
  • Honorable Dave Strang, Wylie City Council
  • Honorable Dan Stricklin, Frisco City Council
  • Honorable Ben Trahan, Allen City Council
  • Honorable Dan Trott, Melissa City Council (former)
  • Honorable Alonzo Tutson, Anna City Council (former)
  • Honorable Keven Underwood, Princeton City Council
  • Honorable Bill Webber, Celina City Council (former)
  • Honorable Maria Whitworth, Weston City Council
  • Honorable Wendie Wigginton, Celina City Council
  • Honorable Shelby Williams, Plano City Council
  • Honorable Terry Williams, Farmersville City Council
  • Honorable Tim Wilson, Weston City Council
  • Honorable Kay Wright, Lavon City Council
  • Honorable Dr. Brad Wysong, McKinney City Council (former)

School Board Trustees *

  • Honorable Paul Anderson, Melissa ISD
  • Honorable Bob Apple, Celina ISD (former)
  • Honorable Bill Beavers, Prosper ISD
  • Honorable Matt Atkins, Wylie ISD
  • Honorable Kevin Cameron, Allen ISD
  • Honorable Choc Christopher, Celina ISD
  • Honorable Dave Coleman, Farmersville ISD
  • Honorable Wade Cramer, McKinney ISD (former)
  • Honorable Cyndi Darland, Princeton ISD
  • Honorable Barbara Goss, Wylie ISD (former)
  • Honorable Jason Granger, Melissa ISD
  • Honorable Jeff Gravley, Celina ISD
  • Honorable Lynn Gravley, Gunter ISD (former)
  • Honorable Chad Green, McKinney ISD
  • Honorable Duane Hayes, Anna ISD (former)
  • Honorable Jim Herblin, Richardson ISD (former)
  • Honorable Mitch Herzog, Wylie ISD
  • Honorable Kelly Juergens, Celina ISD
  • Honorable Duane Kelly, Princeton ISD
  • Honorable Rickie Lafon, Melissa ISD (former)
  • Honorable Heather Leggett, Wylie ISD
  • Honorable Marvin Lowe, Frisco ISD
  • Honorable Louise Master, Allen ISD (former)
  • Honorable Mike McCreary, Blue Ridge ISD
  • Honorable Clark Miller, Anna ISD
  • Honorable Bruce Minchey, Melissa ISD (former)
  • Honorable Sarah Mitchell, Allen ISD
  • Honorable Carrolyn Moebius, Plano ISD (former)
  • Honorable John Montgomery, Allen ISD (former)
  • Honorable Polly Montgomery, Allen ISD
  • Honorable Barrett Owens, Lovejoy ISD
  • Honorable Tom Plunkett, Anna ISD (former)
  • Honorable Angela Powell, Plano ISD
  • Honorable Gary Rodenbaugh, Lovejoy ISD (former)
  • Honorable Ken Roose, Farmersville ISD (former)
  • Honorable Randal Shinn, Wylie ISD (former)
  • Honorable Todd Snyder, Celina ISD
  • Honorable Carolyn Spurgin, Melissa ISD (former)
  • Honorable Robb Temple, McKinney ISD (former)
  • Honorable Alicia Young, Community ISD

Precinct Chair Endorsements

  • Rolly Abiog, Precinct 218 Chair
  • Kyle Ackerman, Precinct 9 Chair (former)
  • Ed Acklin, Precinct 31 Chair
  • Homer Adams, Precinct 165 Chair (former)
  • Mary Kaye Adams, Precinct 79 Chair (former)
  • Justin Adcock, Precinct 81 Chair
  • Colleen Epstein, Precinct 76 Chair
  • Lisa Akerly, Precinct 225 Chair
  • Howard Akin, Precinct 177 Chair (former)
  • Alexis Allen, Precinct 65 Chair
  • Evan Altemus, Precinct 28 Chair
  • Carlos Amaral, Precinct 34 Chair (former)
  • Lynnette Ammar, Precinct 165 Chair
  • Kerby Anderson, Precinct 147 Chair (former)
  • Tony Anderson, Precinct 145 Chair
  • Kimberly Armstrong, Precinct 233 Chair & Precinct 83 Chair (former)
  • Michelle Austin, Precinct 117 Captai
  • Tom Baird, Precinct 6 Chair (former) & Precinct 227 Chair (former)
  • Cody Baker, Precinct 225 Chair (former)
  • Derek Baker, Precinct 131 Chair (former) & Precinct 236 Chair (former)
  • Kyle Baker, Precinct 59 Chair
  • Brett Baldwin, Precinct 197 Chair
  • Jonathan Baldwin, Precinct 15 Chair
  • Honorable Lily Bao, Precinct 34 Chair (former)
  • Connor Barron, Precinct 141 Chair
  • Tim Bates, Precinct 112 Chair
  • David Bell, Precinct 16 Chair
  • Chris Betts, Precinct 176 Chair (former)
  • Chris Bingham, Precinct 24 Chair (former)
  • Dianna Biscan, Precinct 176 Chair (former)
  • Dani Bishop, Precinct 157 Chair
  • Michelle Bishop, Precinct 67 Chair
  • BJ Bjorklund, Precinct 177 Chair (former)
  • Bill Blasingame, Precinct 135 Chair (former)
  • Linda Block, Precinct 115 Chair
  • Joseph Boduch, Precinct 220 Chair
  • Gary Bohannon, Precinct 13 Chair
  • Roger Bolin, Precinct 66 Chair (former)
  • Dan Bollner, Precinct 111 Chair (former)
  • Debbie Bonenberger, Precinct 89 Chair (former)
  • Dennis Botkin, Precinct 110 Chair
  • Debbie Bowers, Precinct 39 Chair
  • Aaron Boyd, Precinct 107 Chair
  • Ron Boyd, Precinct 95 Chair (former)
  • Sharon Bradshaw, Precinct 123 Chair
  • Charlie Bray, Precinct 38 Chair (former)
  • Scott Britton, Precinct 45 Captain
  • Wendell Brock, Precinct 149 Chair (former)
  • Mike Bronsky, Precinct 39 Chair (former)
  • Michael Brown, Precinct 66 Chair (former)
  • Chrysti Bryant, Precinct 167 (former)
  • Dave Burson, Precinct 168 Chair
  • Gary Cable, Precinct 114 Chair (former)
  • Robert Canright, Precinct 34 Chair
  • Jeff Cassels, Precinct 124 Chair
  • Stephanie Casson, Precinct 165 Chair (former)
  • Bob Chambers, Precinct 164 Chair
  • Dave Chapman, Precinct 78 Chair
  • Tod Chapman, Precinct 74 Chair
  • Paula Cheek, Precinct 120 Chair
  • Zodie Christakos, Precinct 7 Chair (former)
  • Charles Christian, Precinct 94 Chair (former)
  • Chris Clayton, Precinct 42 Chair
  • Honorable Dixie Clem, Precinct 26 Chair
  • Bryan Cole, Precinct 239 Chair
  • Honorable Bob Collins, Precinct 189 Chair
  • George Collis, Precinct 8 Chair (former)
  • Wayne Coltrane, Precinct 85 Chair (former)
  • Kalena Cook, Precinct 122 Chair (former)
  • Ken Cook, Precinct 219 Chair
  • Honorable Dave Cornette, Precinct 40 Chair (former)
  • Brian Corrigan, Precinct 55 Chair
  • Fred Costa, Precinct 214 Captai
  • Cynthia Crowell, Precinct 84 Chair
  • Joe Cruz, Precinct 198 Chair
  • Honorable Cyndi Darland, Precinct 8 Chair
  • Autumn Davidson, Precinct 125 Chair
  • Michael del Castillo, Precinct 120 Captain
  • Deidra Dennis, Precinct 5 Chair (former)
  • Trupti Desai, Precinct 139 Chair
  • Matt Dixon, Precinct 75 Chair
  • Chuck Dockery, Precinct 83 Chair (former)
  • John Donovan, Precinct 137 Chair
  • Michael Dowling, Precinct 25 Captain
  • Brian Duchouquette, Precinct 81 Chair (former)
  • Mike Egan, Precinct 116 Chair (former)
  • Jared Elad, Precinct 212 Chair
  • Rachel Elliott, Precinct 126 Chair
  • Cathy Fang, Precinct 89 Chair (former)
  • Honorable Roland Feldman, Precinct 45 Captain
  • Honorable Philip Ferguson, Precinct 22 Chair
  • Mary Carl Finkelstein, Precinct 107 Chair (former)
  • Chris Freeman, Precinct 102 Chair (former)
  • Michelle Freeman, Precinct 228 Chair
  • Paul Frueh, Precinct 4 Chair
  • Glen Fulce, Precinct 95 Chair
  • Marc Gajeton, Precinct 45 Chair
  • David Gamble, Precinct 90 Chair (former)
  • Maria Garcia, Precinct 21 Chair
  • Jonathan Goodale, Precinct 86 Chair
  • Honorable David Goss, Precinct 56 Chair (former)
  • Pat Greer, Precinct 67 Chair
  • Eric Hall, Precinct 92 Chair; Eric Hall
  • Sandra Halsey, Precinct 32 Chair
  • Jeremiah Hammer, Precinct 1 Chair
  • Barbara Harless, Precinct 144 Chair (former)
  • Honorable Tom Harrison, Precinct 139 Chair (former)
  • Dr. Brent Harvey, Precinct 132 Chair
  • Joseph Harwell, Precinct 14 Chair
  • Bud Heininger, Precinct 167 Chair (former)
  • John Heisner, Precinct 206 Chair
  • Byron Henry, Precinct 214 Chair
  • Honorable Jim Herblin, Precinct 13 Chair (former)
  • Valerie Herrington, Precinct 19 Chair
  • Richard Holbrook, Precinct 11 Chair (former)
  • Peter Horn, Precinct 127 Chair
  • Ed Horne, Precinct 108 Chair (former)
  • Debra Howell, Precinct 143 Chair
  • Erin Hufstetler, Precinct 171 Chair (former)
  • Tyler Hufstetler, Precinct 171 Chair
  • Jessica Hulcy, Precinct 97 Chair
  • Jordan Hulcy, Precinct 57 Chair
  • James Hume, Precinct 140 Chair (former)
  • Chris Isom, Precinct 101 Chair (former)
  • Liz James, Precinct 172 Chair
  • Muni Janagarajan, Precinct 87 Chair
  • Vickie Charles, Precinct 101 Chair
  • Dixie Jeffers, Precinct 193 Chair
  • David Johnson, Precinct 118 Chair (former)
  • Honorable Scott Johnson, Precinct 111 Chair
  • Diann Jones, Precinct 181 Chair
  • Rohit Joy, Precinct 77 Chair
  • Stephen Kallas, Precinct 169 Chair (former)
  • David Kemp, Precinct 119 Captain
  • Nancy Kidder, Precinct 174 Chair
  • Sebrena Kimberly, Precinct 156 Chair
  • Mike Kinsey, Precinct 106 Chair (former)
  • Tom Klein, Precinct 140 Chair
  • Steve Kleinberg, Precinct 85 Chair
  • Greg Knapp, Precinct 75 Chair (former)
  • Joan Konkel, Precinct 158 Chair
  • Lori Kreitman, Precinct 89 Chair
  • Gary Kruse, Precinct 33 Chair
  • Suresh Kumar, Precinct 234 Chair & Precinct 87 Chair (former)
  • Deanna Kuykendall, Precinct 203 Chair
  • TJ Lane, Precinct 1 Chair (former)
  • Jason Langford, Precinct 110 Chair (former)
  • Elle Larkin, Precinct 227 Chair
  • Eric Lee, Precinct 213 Chair
  • David Lethe, Precinct 119 Chair
  • Ann Lieber, Precinct 214 Chair (former)
  • Daniel Long, Precinct 68 Chair (former)
  • Ellen Loveless, Precinct 153 Chair
  • Dalton Lytle, Precinct 166 Chair (former)
  • Bill Mangieri, Precinct 140 Chair (former)
  • Miguel Mares, Precinct 232 Chair
  • Mary Martin, Precinct 223 Chair
  • Honorable Wendy Mattingly, Precinct 37 Chair
  • C.D. Mayfield, Precinct 16 Chair (former)
  • Tim McCord, Precinct 41 Chair
  • Pamela Meaney, Precinct 221 Chair
  • Josh Meek, Precinct 146 Chair (former)
  • Ann Mellon-Campbell, Precinct 5 Chair
  • Mik Misser, Precinct 122 Chair
  • Honorable Cindy Meyer, Precinct 60 Chair
  • Denise Midgley, Precinct 53 Chair
  • Bill Mills, Precinct 45 Chair (former)
  • Sheryl Mills, Precinct 45 Chair (former)
  • Honorable Carrolyn Moebius, Precinct 210 Chair (former)
  • John Montes, Precinct 155 Captain
  • Kathy Morgan, Precinct 208 Chair
  • Jack Mulos, Precinct 101 Chair (former)
  • Tim Murray, Precinct 174 Chair (former)
  • John Myers, Precinct 64 Chair
  • Vicki Myers, Precinct 108 Chair
  • David Noe, Precinct 2 Chair (former)
  • Gina O’Briant, Precinct 36 Chair
  • Birken Olson, Precinct 90 Chair
  • Gina Ottavio, Precinct 17 Chair
  • Hayden Padgett, Precinct 139 Chair (former)
  • Michael Padilla, Precinct 166 Chair
  • Dana Palmer, Precinct 128 Chair
  • Cindy Patterson, Precinct 48 Captain
  • Robert Paulsen, Precinct 146 Chair
  • John Paulson, Precinct 47 Chair
  • Karen Perry, Precinct 227 Chair
  • Joanie Pikl, Precinct 122 Chair (former)
  • Neal Polan, Precinct 128 Chair (former)
  • John Primrose, Precinct 171 Chair (former)
  • Clint Pruett, Precinct 204 Chair
  • Srini Raghavan, Precinct 222 Captain
  • Carl Ralph, Precinct 18 Chair
  • D’rinda Randall, Precinct 21 Chair (former)
  • Doug Ray, Precinct 49 Chair
  • Stephani Reazor, Precinct 29 Chair
  • Doug Reeves, Precinct 235 Chair
  • Sue Reeves, Precinct 179 Chair
  • Josh Reid, Precinct 169 Chair
  • Honorable Heather Richardson, Precinct 20 Chair (former)
  • Kathi-Ann Rivard, Precinct 178 Chair
  • Troy Roberson, Precinct 238 Chair
  • Teri Roberson, Precinct 20 Chair & Precinct 126 Chair (former)
  • JJ Roomsburg, Precinct 216 Chair
  • Minton Rosenhouse, Precinct 74 Chair (former)
  • Steve Rouse, Precinct 117 Chair
  • Ann Lieber, Precinct 140 Captain
  • David Russell, Precinct 175 Chair
  • Denise Sachse, Precinct 150 Chair
  • Ann Sampson, Precinct 57 Chair (former)
  • Anu Saraf, Precinct 25 Chair
  • Jeff Sawyer, Precinct 207 Chair
  • Michael Schwerin, Precinct 56 Chair
  • Gail Seiler, Precinct 71 Chair (former)
  • Marilyn Sevin, Precinct 121 Chair
  • Allyson Shirar-Freeman, Precinct 35 Chair
  • Sue Silver, Precinct 231 Chair
  • Kyle Sims, Precinct 207 Chair (former)
  • Ellen Skinner, Precinct 11 Chair (former)
  • Buffy Smith, Precinct 151 Chair
  • Dick Smith, Precinct 13 Chair (former)
  • Ruth Smith, Precinct 17 Chair (former)
  • Shirley Snell, Precinct 76 Chair (former)
  • Melissa Spence, Precinct 130 Chair
  • Carol Stone, Precinct 40 Chair (former)
  • Dave Stoner, Precinct 102 Chair
  • Paige Streeter, Precinct 40 Chair
  • Mary Stringer, Precinct 58 Chair (former)
  • Theresa Struckmeyer, Precinct 131 Chair
  • Heather Tanner, Precinct 30 Chair
  • Jimmy Teeling, Precinct 236 Chair
  • Tracy Thomas, Precinct 207 Chair (former)
  • Jason Thompson, Precinct 153 Chair (former)
  • Matt Thorsen, Precinct 106 Chair
  • Georgia Thurman, Precinct 138 Chair
  • Beth Tomek, Precinct 88 Chair (former)
  • Jim Turner, Precinct 155 Chair
  • Honorable Keven Underwood, Precincts 9 Chair (former) & Precinct 52 Chair (former)
  • Suzanne Veal, Precinct 113 Chair (former)
  • Honorable Karl Voigtsberger, Precinct 48 Chair
  • Chrissy Vorderbruggen, Precinct 82 Chair
  • Terry Wade, Precinct 69 Chair
  • Mike Wallis, Precinct 94 Chair
  • Bret Walsh, Precinct 63 Chair
  • Michael Watson, Precinct 19 Chair (former)
  • Stacey Watts, Precinct 211 Chair
  • Jayne White, Precinct 126 Chair (former)
  • Honorable Maggie Whitt, Precinct 144 Chair
  • Matthew Wied, Precinct 217 Chair
  • Chris Williams, Precinct 43 Captain
  • Marisa Williams, Precinct 149 Chair
  • Honorable Shelby Williams, Precinct 109 Chair (former)
  • Brian Winchester, Precinct 9 Chair (former)
  • Greg Wright, Precinct 222 Chair
  • Rustin Wright, Precinct 118 Chair
  • Ruthie Wright, Precinct 133 Chair
  • Rhonda Wyatt, Precinct 147 Chair
  • Patricia Wysong, Precinct 97 Chair (former)
  • Honorable Alicia Young, Precinct 83 Chair (former)
  • Arthur Young, Precinct 62 Chair (former)

Individual Endorsements

Geoff Abbott Larry Abbott Lonnie Abbott Millie Abbott Sandra Abbott Tracy Abbott Honorable Sam Abiog Rolly Abiog Jeanine Abshier Randy Abshier Amie Abshire Jarrad Abshire Bob Acker Kyle Ackerman Michaela Ackerman Ed Acklin Myrna Acklin Chris Adair Dave Adams Homer Adams Honorable Cathie Adams Jessica Adams Mary Kaye Adams Matthew Adams Patty Adams Raquel Adams Rod Adams Justin Adcock Art Adkins Denel Adkins Matt Adkins Trenda Adkins Amy Adler Honorable John Adler Denise Adrian Arthur Agatep Regan Aguirre Honorable Brad Ahlfinger Lisa Akerly Donna Akin Howard Akin Alisa Albers John Albers Sharron Albertson Candy Alcosiba Kenny Alcosiba Kevin Alcosiba Kyle Alcosiba Lindsey Alcosiba Cathie Alexander Linda Alexander Ron Alexander Brenda Allbritton Myron Allbritton Alexis Allen Greta Allen Lucy Allen Rick Allen Emily Allie Matthew Allie Evan Altemus Greig Altieri Arnulfo Alvarado Maria Alvarado Rachel Alvarez Carlos Amaral Cindy Amaral Amanda Ames Bill Ames Lynette Ames Lynnette Ammar Richard Ammar Bobby Amos Jacqueline Amos Brett Amundson Christy Amundson Carole Ancelin Angela Anderson Barbara Anderson Dee Dee Anderson Donna Anderson Doug Anderson Eugenie Anderson Gary Anderson Honorable Chad Anderson Honorable Julie Anderson Honorable Paul Anderson Jerry Anderson Justine Anderson Kerby Anderson Lela Anderson Michelle Anderson Nikki Anderson Steven Anderson Susanne Anderson Tim Anderson Tony Anderson Honorable Craig Andres Dan Andrews Michael Andrews Tiffany Aneu James Angelino Lafe Angell Joseph Anselmo Cathy Apple Honorable Bob Apple David Arbuckle Marius Ardelean Barbra Ardila Camilo Ardila Carmen Arif Damon Armstrong Doug Armstrong Josh Armstrong Kimberly Armstrong Maneeka Armstrong Mart Armstrong Paulette Armstrong Teresa Armstrong Tess Armstrong Tonya Armstrong Charlie Arnt Erin Asberry James Asberry Brant Ashcroft Serena Ashcroft Cindy Asmussen Chris Atkins Honorable Matt Atkins Kathryn Atkins Neal Ator Paula Ator Amelia Audish Steve Audish Josette Auldridge Celia Ault Bill Aurther Mary Aurther Jennifer Ausili Mike Ausili Ann Austin David Austin LeiLani Austin Michelle Austin Murphy Austin Seth Austin Tiffany Austin Jonathan Avedikian Julie Avedikian Ceci Avogaro Shannon Ayres Charles Baade Lynn Baade Bob Badali Kathy Badali David Baertsch Richard Bagby Don Bahlman Becky Bailey Mark Davis Bailey Marshall Bailey Kelly Baird Tom Baird Ann Baker Cody Baker Derek Baker Elden Baker Emily Baker Kyle Baker Maria Baker Melissa Baker Melissa Baker Tanya Baker Taylor Baker Tim Baker Alice Baland Brett Baldwin Jan Baldwin Jonathan Baldwin Kathleen Baldwin Amy Ballantyne Flent Ballantyne
Matt Rinaldi

“Judge Chris Hill may be the best local official in Texas.”

Honorable Matt Rinaldi
• Chairman, Republican Party of Texas *
• Texas State Representative * (former)

Brian Ballard Kelly Ballard Arturo Ballesteros Ronald Bamberg Opher Banarie Debbie Baney Honorable Tim Baney Catherine Banks Honorable Lily Bao Bart Barber Tracy Barber Debbie Barch Derick Barch Jana Barch Susan Barclay Bourdon Barfield Melanie Barfield Cathy Barker Andy Barnes Honorable Chad Barnes Lisa Barnes Oblio Barnes Tamika Barnett Clayton Barns Gayle Barns Rachael Barresi Will Barresi Zach Barrett Heidi Barrier Morris Barrier Tanya Barrios Connor Barron Craig Barrow Honorable Kimberly Barrow Greg Bartels Kathy Bartels Honorable Amy Bartley Honorable Trent Bass Amin Bata Bart Bateman Donna Bateman Sheryl Bates Tammi Bates Tim Bates Judy Battenfield Darlene Baughman Paul Baughman Greg Baumli Jennifer Baxter Roy Don Baxter Don Bayliss Ed Bayliss Jasmine Bayliss Marcie Bazor Tim Bazor Jaime Beard Kimberly Beard Chuck Beasley Sheri Beasley Michelle Beatty Tom Beatty Honorable Bill Beavers Honorable John Beazley Robyn Beazley Eric Becker Angie Beene Robert Beene Hannah Behnken Joy Behnken Matt Behnken David Bell Honorable Steve Bell Leah Bell Sandy Bell Karen Bellemare John Bender Liz Bender Denise Benedict Mark Benedict Beth Benners Chris Bennett Donna Bennett Tim Bennett Marcy Benson Scott Benson Juli Bentley Mark Bentsen Madeleine Bereuter Dianne Bergere John Bergere Bill Berry Brian Berry Fran Berry Kelle Berry Michael Berry Anna Bertolino Ryan Bertolino Garland Best Chris Betts Dona Bewley Jim Bewley Dana Bickford Mary Biggers Gary Billups Terry Billups Kristina Binegar Chris Bingham Kayla Bingham Steve Birdsell Dianna Biscan Bonnie Bishop Dani Bishop Honorable David Bishop Joan Bishop Michelle Bishop Stephen Bishop BJ Bjorklund Cathy Bjorklund Barton Black Kandi Black Kathy Black Shawn Black Suzanne Blackstone Bill Blake Shannon Blake Garrett Blakley Miranda Blakley Bill Blasingame June Blasingame Joel Blaylock Bob Blencowe Deb Blencowe Bob Block Linda Block Jeff Bodin Brian Bodine Joseph Boduch Dan Boehm Deb Boehm Jeff Boemer Maggie Boemer Lisa Bogie Gary Bohannon Sue Bohner Sonja Boles Linda Bolin Mary Bolin Patsy Bolin Perry Bolin Roger Bolin Gary Bollengier Linda Bollengier Dan Bollner Dotty Bollner Holly Bone Jeremy Bone Debbie Bonenberger Eric Bonenberger Gigi Bonham Paul Bonham Mary Bonkiewicz Honorable Olena Bonner April Boothe Missy Boots Ronnie Boots Rick Booze Shirley Booze Joseph Borchard Mary Borchard Paul Borchard Sharon Borgne Dennis Botkin Mandy Bourland Marcus Bourland Marti Bourland Norine Bowen Ricardo Bowen Debbie Bowers Paula Bowman Tom Bowman Tyrus Bowman Aaron Boyd Barry Boyd Juanita Boyd Kerensa Boyd Mary Boyd Ronald Boyd Ruth Boyd Steve Boyd Walter Boyd Andrew Boyle Janelle Boyle
Cathie Adams

“Chris Hill is a true leader who shares our conservative convictions and serves Collin County with excellence and integrity.”

Honorable Cathie Adams
• Chairwoman, Republican Party of Texas * (former)
• Republican National Committeewoman for Texas * (former)
• Past President, Texas Eagle Forum *

Trayce Bradford Christine Bradley Honorable Scott Bradley John Bradley Mandi Bradley Cecil Bradshaw Sharon Bradshaw Richard Brady Christian Braithwaite Kassandra Braithwaite Anne Bramlett David Bramlett Honorable Chuck Branch Kris Branch Mendi Branch Roney Branch Renee Brandish Bob Brands Flora Brands Tev Brannan Judy Brannon Karoline Brannon Sean Brannon Erika Brantingham Janna Braudrick Wayne Braudrick Alisha Bray Charlie Bray Ian Bray David Brennan Isabel Bresnahan James Bresnahan David Bressert Mindy Bressert Janet Bresson Erik Brewer Honorable Greg Brewer Jepp Brewer Katherine Brewer Mark Brieden Stephanie Brieden Janet Brilliant Honorable David Bristol Mendy Bristol Shonna Brito Wayne Brito Theresa Brittain Mary Britton Scott Britton Nancy Brobston Catherine Brock Taunie Brock Timothy Brock Wendell Brock Tessa Bromley Mike Bronsky Teresa Bronsky Jana Brooke Scott Brooke Jennifer Brooks Joseph Brooks Lynell Brooks Payton Brooks Sarah Kate Brooks Ben Brown Desiree Brown Dina Brown JoAnn Brown Madeleine Brown Melinda Brown Michael Brown Norvell Brown Richard Brown Brad Browne Cindy Browne Andrew Browning Sandra Browning Honorable Cynthia Brugge Mark Brugge Earl Brunner Jenny Brunner Matt Bruno Hal Bryan Honorable Nathan Bryan Joyce Bryan Lynn Bryan Bruce Bryant Chrysti Bryant Charlie Bryson Juliette Buchanan Ruthann Buchanan Curtis Buchhorn Marva Buchhorn Jenny Buck Michael Buck Karen Buckley Cynthia Buggs LaDale Buggs Dave Bugno Jaclyn Bugno Josh Bugno Melissa Bugno Michael Buie Shari Buie Jessica Bull Brandi Bullard Jeff Burandt Lisa Burandt Angie Burke Dianna Burke Ed Burke JoAnn Burke Patrick Burke Eric Burkes Melissa Burkes Kerry Burleson Darlene Burner Larry Burner Cindy Burns Nancy Burns Tera Burns Dan Burrows Dave Burson Lorraine Burson Aaron Burton Honorable Konni Burton Nonie Burton Carol Busby Pat Busch George Bush Sharla Bush Terry Bush Lon Bushell Joanie Buster Mike Buster Greg Butler Susan Butler Jack Buyck Susanne Buyck Ken Byler Dan Caballero Michelle Caballero Gus Cabarcas Gary Cable Janis Cable Janice Cabral Joe Cabral Amy Cadena Jim Cadena Matthew Cagle Jim Cairo Deborah Callaghan Brooklyn Calloway Matt Calloway Michale Calnan Cheryl Camerer Honorable Kevin Cameron Renee Cameron Claire Campbell Lexie Campbell Loren Campbell Lori Campbell Scott Campbell Steve Campbell Donna Canada Kent Canada Brandon Cane Jorden Canfield Josh Canfield Jeanette Canright Robert Canright Bob Cantin David Capps Heather Capps Candy Carby Gary Carby Jennifer Carl Kyle Carleton Susan Carleton Joseph Carlisle Juels Carlson Ron Carlson Sally Carlson Craig Carney Tina Carney Azita Carr Amy Carroll
Troy Jackson

“Chris truly understands the importance of not surrendering essential liberty and freedom for temporary safety. He follows the model provided by our forefathers, allowing people to choose personal responsibility. I proudly endorse my friend Chris Hill to continue the role of Collin County Judge.”

Dr. Troy Jackson
• Senior Pastor, The Meeting House Church *

Andrew Carroll Bill Carroll Heather Carroll Joy Carroll Steve Carroll Yvette Carroll Pam Carron Richard Carron Judy Carter Robert Carter Sarah Carter Jeff Cartwright Morris Cartwright Pam Cartwright Allison Carver Erica Carver Honorable Stan Carver John Carver Gary Cary Jason Casada AJ Casanova Cheri Casanova Honorable Ashly Caserotti Candice Cashen Richard Cashen Ann Cassels Jeff Cassels Eric Cassidy Stephanie Cassidy Paul Casson Stephanie Casson Jorge Castro Alessia Catullo Chris Catullo Shannon Catullo Darryl Cavalier Michael Celentano Christopher Cervantes Brenda Chabot Paul Chabot Chance Chaffin Shauna Chaffin Kristi Chalemin Mark Chalemin Anne Chamberlin David Chamberlin Bob Chambers Lyn Chambers Patrick Chance David Chapman Holly Chapman Mel Chapman Penny Chapman Ryan Chapman Sylvia Chapman Tod Chapman Steve Chappell Vickie Charles Paula Cheek Honorable Jeff Cheney Shelly Chiem John Childers Brittany Chilton Josh Chilton Honorable Keith Chitwood George Chollar Vanesa Chollar Dhruv Chopra David Christakos Zodie Christakos Charles Christian Cindy Christian Honorable Choc Christopher Martha Chumney Debby Clack Ronnie Clack Jan Clare Richard Clare Allen Clark Charly Clark Chris Clark Jacquie Clark Linda Clark Nancy Clark Randy Clark Robert Clark Ron Clark Holly Clay Anne Clayton Brady Clayton Chris Clayton Chris Clayton John Clayton Jonathon Clayton Quinn Clayton Honorable Carl Clemencich Laurie Clemencich Shara Clemments Keith Clifton Larry Cline Deanne Closson Don Closson Amy Clough James Clough Bruce Clouser Patrick Cloutier Vonda Cloutier Laura Clow Les Clow Derek Cobb Mark Cobb Chuck Coburn Jamie Coburn Robert Coburn Alan Cockcroft Cindy Cockcroft Robert Coffman Una Coffman Steven Cohan Jennifer Coker Bryan Cole Kristie Cole Stan Cole Virginia Cole Carla Coleman Gayle Coleman Honorable Dave Coleman Jerry Coleman Andrew Colley Anita Collins Bill Collins Claude Ann Collins Honorable Bob Collins Michael Collins Trista Collins George Collis Margie Collis Wayne Coltrane Holly Confer Nils Confer Lisa Connaway Mike Connaway Griffin Conner Jeffrey Conner Lisa Conner Kim Conoly Brian Considine Debbie Considine Dennis Constantine Allyson Cook Carol Cook Chris Cook Clint Cook Kalena Cook Ken Cook Victoria Cook Amy Cooper Dan Cooper Crystal Cope Mark Cope Debra Copley John Copley Carolyn Corbin Ray Corbin April Corder Donna Corder Eric Corder Kristin Cordes Honorable Joe Cordina Patti Cordina Honorable Dave Cornette Laurie Cornette Brian Corrigan Fred Costa Vickie Costa April Cottam Mark Cottam Honorable Charles Cotten Charlie Cottingham Kris Cottingham Dale Cougot Honorable Nathan Council Sara Council Kelly Counts Jim Cowles Joyce Cowles
JoAnn Fleming

“We heartily endorse proven taxpayer champion Chris Hill for re-election as Collin County Judge. Chris Hill is unmistakably FOR taxpayers! Because of his principled leadership, his focus on dollar-stretching efficiency, and his problem-solving approach, Collin County has the lowest county property tax rate of all 254 counties. We would steal him if we could!”

Honorable JoAnn Fleming
• Executive Director, Grassroots America We the People *
• Smith County Commissioner (former) *

Celeste Cox David Cox Honorable Bill Cox Jim Cox Joanna Cox Sara Cox Dorothy Craft Libby Craft Brian Craig David Craig Jennifer Craig Tina Craig Ann Cramer Honorable Wade Cramer Charlie Crane Penny Crane Michael Craven Jaci Crawford Rick Crawford Matt Craycraft Allene Creacy Betty Crenshaw Bill Crenshaw Lauriston Crockett Richard Cromack Becky Cross Jon David Cross Michael Crow Darlina Crowder Nancy Crowe Cynthia Crowell Darka Cruz Joe Cruz David Crysup Jenny Crysup Kelli Cuccia Sam Cuccia Cynthia Cui Donna Culbertson Honorable Darion Culbertson Jim Culbreth Dottie Culpon Jim Culpon Daniel Culver Jennifer Culver Melissa Culver Michael Culver Lori Cummings Robert Cuneo Kelly Cunningham Caroline Curdy Betty Curry Charles Curry Patrick Custis Chris Cyr Denise Cyr Aldo D’Aversa Michael Dagenhart Bonnie Daily Eddy Daniel Helen Daniel Honorable Cyndi Darland Bill Darling Brenda Darling Priscilla Darling Roxanne Dauper Todd Dauper Dale Davenport Mark David Autumn Davidson William Davidson Jorge Davila Andy Davis Beau Davis Chad Davis Cindy Davis Evy Davis Garry Davis Honorable Kelly Davis Jordann Davis Missy Davis Ronnie Davis Sharon Davis Tisha Davis Laura Dawley Dee Day Honorable Don Day Steve Day Jesse De Husson Nicole De Husson Carrie de Moor Rudy de Moor Brad Dean Shan Dean Melissa Dear Mike Deaton Mary DeCaprio Honorable Carol Decker Karen Decker Carmen del Castillo Michael del Castillo James Del Mul Kristin Del Mul Mark Delange Pat Delange Rick Dembicki Robin Dembicki Kimberly Denney Deidra Dennis Philip Dennis Jenna Denson Seth Denson Jeff Derischebourg Diane DeRiso Rick DeRose Traci DeRose Jared Deruby John DeRudder Trupti Desai Jack DeSimone Carla Despault Anne DeTorrice Bob DeVance Tessa DeVance Patrick Devine Honorable Maurine Dickey John Dille Doug Dillon Sheri Dillon Philip DiNello Anna Dishaw Ray Dishaw Marvelle Ditto Richard DiVirgilio Alma Dixon Matthew Dixon Sandy Dixon Tanner Do Angela Dobbs Russell Dobbs Chuck Dockery Tammy Dockery Pat Dodd Robert Dodd Paul Dodrill Cherri Dodson Darrin Dodson Lynne Dodson Michael Dodson Teresa Dodson Amy Dohlman John Dohlman Veronica Dominguez Marc Dondero John Donovan Leasa Donovan Annette Douglas Peggy Douglas Aaron Dowdell Jeff Dowdle Shelley Dowdle Harold Dowell Michael Dowling Andy Doyle April Doyle Esther Doyle Rodney Doyle Cait Draper John Draper Mike Draper Sarah Draper Margaret Driscoll Scott Driscoll Alex Drumm Mike Dubner Ron Dubner Stephanie Dubner Terye Dubner Brian Duchouquette Rebecca Duchouquette Cindy Duffee Crispin Duffee Honorable David Duke Honorable Steve Duke Tammy Duke Lisa Dula Tim Dula Brent Duncan
Kelly Shackelford

“Today, we need principled, conservative leaders who will stand tall and serve the community with excellence and integrity. Chris Hill is the right choice for Collin County. He shares our conservative values, and he has the personal character and values to lead with integrity. I’m proud to endorse Chris.”

Kelly Shackelford
• President & CEO, First Liberty *

Casey Duncan Michele Dunham Stephen Dunham David Dunlap Lidiya Dunn Russell Dunn Martha Dunson Jessica Duntley Matt DuPre Ramona DuPre Deanna Durham Jerry Durham Eric Dyson Shannon Dyson Sue Dyson Tim Dyson Adam Earls Deidre Easley Jeff Eastburn Larry Eastman Lisa Eastman Dana Eatherly Polly Eckert Tim Eckert Daniel Edelman Ashley Edgar Josh Edgar Chris Edgeworth Honorable Gary Edwards Jill Edwards Lara Edwards Sharen Edwards Marvin Effa John Egan Mike Egan Phyllis Eix Randy Ekberg Steve Ekberg Jared Elad Stephanie Elad Hannah Elder Jon Elder Dana Eldridge Derek Eldridge Joe Eldridge Tracy Eldridge Bill Elliott Ed Elliott Karin Elliott Paul Elliott Rachel Elliott Beth Ellis Johnson Ellis Lori Ellis Honorable Tommy Ellison Patty Ellison Bob Elwell Jan Elwell John Emmett Naomi Emmett Randy Engel Justin Engelleiter Kayla Engelleiter Todd Engels Colleen Epstein Steve Epstein Marianna Ernest Paul Ernest Leo Espinosa Olivia Espinosa Polo Espinosa Jimmy Estes Thelma Estes Linda Etheridge Ginny Evans Alan Everett Brent Everett Carla Everett Kim Everett Maureen Everett Connie Ewing Tony Ewing Jon Ewton Katherine Ewton Honorable Pat Fallon Cathy Fang Jim Farley Karen Farley Tony Farmer Griffin Farr Karen Farrar Joe Feagin Sharon Feagin Tal Feagins Fiana Feldman Honorable Roland Feldman Josh Feldman Honorable Mike Felix Karen Fentress Ken Fentress Honorable Philip Ferguson Lisa Ferguson Teri Ferguson Wyndell Ferguson James Ferrer Michelle Ferrer Ginnie Fess Noah Fess Dan Field Paula Field Jose Figueroa Chuck Fink Sarah Fink Jeff Finkelstein Mary Carl Finkelstein Angi Fischelli Jeff Fischelli Ben Fischer Mary Fischer Tim Fischer Cindy Fish John Fish Ann Fisher Bill Fisher Honorable Debbie Fisher Janis Fitch Pat Fix Heather Flannery Scott Flannery Nicole Flavin Andy Fleck Austin Fleck Kammy Fleck Jim Fleming Margie Fletcher Christy Flick Terry Flick Juanita Flint Lizette Flores Mario Flores Mary Flowers Hope Fobes Barbara Foreman Russ Foreman Randy Foret Tanya Foret Gerald Forrester Honorable Jeff Forrester Julie Forrester Allen Forsythe Robert Fort Cora Fortin Mary Fortune Angie Foster Dennis Foster Linda Foster Matt Foster Ray Foster Vanessa Foster Georgina Fousek Oldrich Fousek Johna Foutz Mark Foutz Diane Frame Shane Frame Rob Francis Steve Francis Alden Franco Mary Franco Paul Franco Honorable Rick Franklin Tanya Franklin Honorable Frederick Frazier Tracie Frazier Jenny Frederick Chris Freeman Kevin Freeman Kristen Freeman Michelle Freeman Lori Freer David Freeze Courtney Freilich Shaun Freilich Dean Frew Shelley Frew Angie Frey Chris Frey Adrienne Fried Pat Friend Victoria Frinsko Elaine Fritcher Sam Fritcher Lyle Froese Sandi Froese Bill Frome Paige Frome
Jonathan Saenz

“As a county commissioner, Chris Hill demonstrated his courage and his convictions, and he has been a faithful conservative leader for Collin County. I’m proud to endorse Chris as the Collin County Judge.”

Jonathan Saenz
• President, Texas Values *

Carolyn Frost Eldon Frost Margaret Frueh Paul Frueh Paul Frueh Sharon Frueh Kaibin Fu Glen Fulce Grant Fulcher Jaclyn Fulcher Brook Fulks Caleb Fulks Honorable George Fuller Jane Fuller Mike Fuller Sharon Fuller Stacey Fuller Wayne Fuller Robert Fulton Sarah Fulton Janet Gagnon Amber Gaige Brendon Gaige Marc Gajeton Kaye Galloway Giovanni Gallucci Shannon Gallucci Jeff Gamache David Gamble Donna Gamble Bob Gamrod Pam Gamrod Eric Gant Karla Gant Ben Ganter Camille Ganter Chris Ganter Gabe Ganter Greg Ganter John Ganter Laura Ganter Mary Joan Ganter Nick Ganter Shanna Ganter Bronwyn Garcia Maria Garcia Micah Jo Garcia-Blanco Gaye Gardner Gena Garrison Greg Garrison Jim Garrison Mike Garrison Toni Garrison Pam Garside Crystal Garza Talia Gaston Tim Gaston Randy Gearghty Laurie Gee Sam Geer Diane Gehrke Ryan Gehrke Charlie Gelfand Richard Genovese Honorable David Gensler Michelle Gensler Honorable Abraham George Paul Gerber Honorable John Geren Jack Geren Jonell Geren Marilyn Geren GiGi Gervasi Brandi Gessner Amy Gibbs Connie Gibson Sid Gibson Aaron Gigley Hannah Gigley Brenda Giglio Karen Gigliotti Lou Gigliotti Edward Gilbert Charlotte Giles Mike Giles Burton Gilliam Susan Gilliam Vicky Giorgetti Steve Girouard Tyler Gist David Glatstein Rex Glendenning Sherese Glendenning Brian Glenn Michelle Glover Betsy Glunt Bob Glunt Revathi Gnanasekaran Kellie Godby Ken Godby Dena Goddard Mike Goddard Elaine Goldman Billie Goldstein Mike Goldstein Honorable Greg Gomel Lacee Gomel Andie Gonzales Fred Gonzales Jesse Gonzales Kathy Gonzales Rosanna Gonzalez Jonathan Goodale Jeff Goold Julie Goold Carol Gordon Erin Gordon Irene Gordon Jan Goria Holly Gorton Honorable Barbara Goss Honorable David Goss Pam Gossick Mitul Gouni Paul Grabow Amy Grabowski Brendon Graft Wannie Graft Bretta Graham Trey Graham Honorable Jason Granger Kathy Granger Donna Gravel Honorable Jeff Gravley Honorable Lynn Gravley Connie Gray Gary Gray Amy Green Colleen Green Debra Green Honorable Chad Green Kevin Green Anne Greene Bryce Greene Larry Greene Pamela Greene Andrea Greenwald Tom Greenwald Pat Greer Abbie Greeves Winston Gregory Ross Grier Susan Grier Dave Griffin David Griffin Judy Griffin Krystina Griffin Steven Griffin Chris Griffith Stephanie Griffith Lynde Griggs Shane Griggs Jennifer Grizzaffi John Grizzaffi Kevin Grover Sheryl Grover David Gruehn Rick Guest Joel Guggenmos Kathy Guggenmos Mary Guller Anthony Gunn Henry Guttormson Ken Haben Charles Hacker Dixie Hacker Greg Hackney Gary Hadley Darlene Hagen Toni Hahn Eileen Halbrooks Jeremy Halbrooks Jay Halderman Lori Halderman Honorable Darrell Hale Marie Hale Candy Hall Charla Hall Craig Hall
Cindy Asmussen

“It is obvious that Chris Hill’s commitment to conservative values is more than just talk. You can see it in his consistent record. Add to that his heart for the people of Collin County, and you have yourself an unmatched candidate for county judge.”

Cindy Asmussen
• The Mom Caucus *

Eric Hall Laura Hall Mindy Hall Randy Hall Samuel Hall Joni Halpin Sandra Halsey Aimee Hamilton Jimmy Hamilton Lana Hamilton Honorable Angel Hamm Brenda Hammack Hilton Hammack Jeremiah Hammer Brandy Hampton John Hancock Tracy Hancock Steve Hanes Steven Hanks Walt Hannon Barbara Hansen Michael Hansen Curtis Hanson Beth Harbor Hal Harbor John Harbus Honorable Andy Hardin Clayton Hardwick David Hardy Lisa Hardy Judy Hargett Jill Hargrave Kristen Harkless Scott Harkless Barbara Harless Sandy Harman Cara Harper Scott Harper Jared Harrell Lindsay Harrell Dana Harris Debbie Harris Glenda Harris Honorable Roger Harris Kevin Harris Rhonda Harris Barbara Harrison Honorable Tom Harrison Kristen Harrison Leah Harrison Stephen Harrison Rebecca Harsila David Hart Joan Hart Laurel Hart Catherine Hartman Honorable Jack Harvard Brent Harvey Priscilla Harvey Shannon Harvey Joseph Harwell James Hatt Renate Hatt Amarillys Hatton Clint Hatton Tiffany Haukos Holly Haven Ross Haven Mary Havey Mort Havey Danielle Hawkins Jill Hawkins Phillip Hawkins Ryan Hawkins Darin Hayes Honorable Buddy Hayes Honorable Duane Hayes Juanita Hayes Linda Hayes Susan Hayes Alma Hays Scott Hays Christine Hazlett Brenda Headley James Headley David Hedgpeth Jason Hedke Stephanie Heeney Norm Heersink Bud Heflin Mary Heflin John Heier Connie Heimberg Bud Heininger Patti Heininger Janice Heisner John Heisner Ann Heller Debbie Helmberger Honorable Joe Helmberger Jeff Helmreich Rhonda Helmreich Dorie Helsley Honorable Thad Helsley Brad Hempkins Rebecca Hempkins Dianna Henderson Gary Henderson Mary Beth Henderson Chris Hendricks Eunice Hendricks Honorable Jon Hendricks Honorable Paul Hendricks Mont Hendricks Nicole Hendricks Carol Hendrix Casey Hendrix Byron Henry Mari Henry Robert Henry Beth Hensley David Hensley Dana Herblin Honorable Jim Herblin DeeAnn Hernandez Lavonne Hernandez Valerie Herrington Honorable Mitch Herzog Ann Hettinger Al Hewitt Caprice Hewitt Lisa Hickman Todd Hickman Liliana Hickman-Riggs Eddie Hicks Terrie Hicks Christan Hilbrand James Hilbrand Angie Hildenbrand Andy Hill Bryan Hill Carol Hill Carriann Hill Clara Hill Delana Hill Denika Hill Karis Hill Kathy Hill Laura Hill Mark Hill Nathaniel Hill Randy Hill Thomas Hill Tiffany Hill Travis Hill Wayne Hill Haley Hilton Richard Hiltz Michelle Hirst Brenda Hitt Steve Hitt Brian Hix Sherry Hix Heather Hodges-Harris Faye Hodgin Scott Hodgin Kirk Hodgson Dan Hoff Patricia Hoff Honorable Eric Hogue Tammie Hogue Helaine Holbrook Richard Holbrook Kristina Holcomb Bobby Holden Denise Holden Gail Holland Honorable Elle Holland Honorable Justin Holland Matthew Holland Tim Holland Chrissa Hollingsworth Luke Hollingsworth
Tim Lambert

“Chris Hill, a proven conservative, has a record of supporting family and homeschool rights in Texas. As a father and a former Collin County Commissioner, he has constantly served the people of Collin County, and he is always willing to stand with families. I strongly encourage you to vote for Chris Hill for Collin County Judge!”

Tim Lambert
• President, Texas Home School Coalition *

Frederick Hollmer Pam Holman Chuck Holmquest Holly Holt Donna Holyoak Honorable Joel Holyoak Judith Homer Tommy Homer Alex Hooker Chip Hooper Dawn Hooper Honorable Rich Hooper Tanya Hooper Debbie Hopkins Honorable Hop Hopkins Louis Hopkins Nancy Hopkins Neil Hopkins Paul Hopper Ruth Hopper Kevin Hoppers Marla Horn Peter Horn Jeff Hornberger Ed Horne Stacy Horner Bob Hornstein Shawn Hoskins Hossein Hosseiny Jack Hosterman Trevor Houston Carl Hovet Curtis Howard Honorable Corbett Howard Kristy Howard Linda Howard Sue Howard Debra Howell Travis Hudgins Don Hudson Korey Hudson Marian Hudson Ron Hudson Sarah Hudson Vickie Hudson Ann Huffines Ray Huffines Erin Hufstetler Honorable Steve Hufstetler Kathy Hufstetler Tyler Hufstetler Gary Hughes Honorable Bryan Hughes Karen Hughes Marcia Hula Jennifer Hulcy Jessica Hulcy Jordan Hulcy Kate Hulcy Rhett Hulcy Wade Hulcy Dan Hull Di Anna Hull Earlena Hume James Hume Michael Hummel Bruce Huot Pat Huot Amanda Hurlbut John Hurlbut Pat Hurley Curt Hursh Betsy Hurst Bobby Hurst Honorable Ken Hutchenrider Melinda Hutchenrider Chance Hyde Janelle Hyde-Williams Jason Hyland Jake Inderman Lori Inderman Michael Inderman Mikaela Inderman Barbara Isaacs Gary Isaacs Chris Isom Madelon Issaeff Amy Jack Kirk Jack Adam Jackson Bill Jackson Danielle Jackson Jon Jackson Leslie Jackson Tim Jackson Troy Jackson Debbie Jacobs Greg Jacobs Bob James Charlie James Cindy James Janet James Liz James Sara James Muni Janagarajan Dave Janak Gina Janak Anna Janis Ryan Jaquess Tori Jaquess Jason Jares Abbie Jarma Olin Jaye Dixie Jeffers Bryan Jenkins Joanne Jenkins Marcus Jenkins Dusty Jennings Gary Jennings Lori Jennings Dean Jensen Diane Jensen Christy Jeter Derrick Jeter Gabriel Jimenez Lizza Jimenez Victor Jimenez Jensen John April Johnson Camille Johnson Carl Johnson Cena Johnson David Johnson Diane Johnson Honorable Scott Johnson Honorable Tim Johnson Julia Johnson Kelly Johnson Marla Johnson Mercy Johnson Stan Johnson Terry Johnson Alma Jones Bill Jones Caleb Jones Cambria Jones Clay Jones Dan Jones Diane Jones Diann Jones Gill Jones Gordon Jones Jeanette Jones Jeremy Jones John Jones Joy Jones Kirby Jones Lynn Jones Marylinda Jones Michael Jones Mitch Jones Patti Jones Ragen Jones Randy Jones Renee Jones Scott Jones Steve Jones Steve Jones Warren Jones Wendy Jones Whitney Jones Catalina Jorba Santiago Jorba Rohit Joy Humberto Juarez Honorable Kelly Juergens Paige Juergens Mark Jules Gal Jumaoas Michael Jurlina Pam Jurlina Harold Justus Teresa Justus Abigail Kallas Amy Kallas Stephen Kallas Hari Kalyandurg Kim Kalyandurg Melody Kamp Julia Kan Bob Kankel Kim Kankel
Trayce Bradford

“Chris has proven himself to be a dedicated conservative leader whose competence and integrity are clear. He has consistently stood his ground against unnecessary spending and the cry for higher taxes. Taxpayers would have a tough time finding a better advocate.”

Trayce Bradford
• The Mom Caucus *

Anna Karapetyan Nate Kasai Honorable Ron Kasian Lin Kasian Kelcey Kasper Clark Kaufman Anh Kawata Chadd Kawata Ed Kaylor Fran Kaylor Joe Kearney Honorable John Keating Leslie Keating Jeffrey Keech Shawn Keefe Honorable David Keer Rhonda Keer Kamil Kell Gwen Kelley Honorable Ron Kelley Barb Kelly Dan Kelly Denise Kelly Honorable Duane Kelly Honorable Pat Kelly David Kemp Honorable Stacey Kemp Dave Kenaga Marilyn Kenaga Dean Kennedy Terry Kennedy Staci Kenny Honorable Kyle Kepner Jazz Kepner Clyde Kerley Susanne Kerley Christopher Kern Gina Kern Corey Kidder Nancy Kidder Ann Marie Killian Tim Killian Blake Kilpatrick Brett Kilpatrick James Kilpatrick Stephanie Kilpatrick Honorable Yoon Kim Kristin Kim John Kimberly Sebrena Kimberly Bill King Carie King David King Honorable Cullen King Lisa King Bob Kingsbery Kerri Kingsbery Jason Kingsbury Honorable Trace Kinnard Laurie Kinnard Diana Kinsey Mike Kinsey Joe Kipp Laura Kipp Kristi Kirchhofer Neil Kirchhofer Wayne Kirk Kelly Kitch Kevin Kitch Honorable David Kleiber Lesley Klein Mark Klein Tom Klein Steve Kleinberg Brian Kleve Leslie Kleve David Klippert-Rowe Sherri Klippert-Rowe Ashton Klongpayabal Greg Knapp Kimberly Knight Vicky Knight Wayne Knipe Debra Knipp Jimmy Knipp Dee Knowlton John Knowlton LaVette Knox Honorable J.J. Koch Honorable Mindy Koehne Jason Koehne Dee Kohl Jim Kohl David Kohn Benjamin Kolodziej Joan Konkel Randy Konkel Bill Kovach Debbie Krajewski Joe Krajewski David Kratochvil Honorable Matt Krause Donna Krauss April Kreimeyer James Kreimeyer Jerry Kreitman Lori Kreitman Victor Kriechbaum Mary Ellen Kroeger Angel Krone Chris Krone Pat Krsek Connie Krueger Martin Krueger Bill Kruse Doris Kruse Gary Kruse John Kruse Teresa Kruse Addy Kuehne Alycia Kuehne Ashton Kuehne Ben Kuehne Suresh Kumar Eric Kusterer Megan Kusterer Paul Kusterer Sandi Kusterer Deanna Kuykendall Gary Lacara Jeff Lackie Shelley Lackie Scott Lacoste Cecelia Lacy Frank Lacy Will Laesch Honorable Rickie LaFon Jan LaFon Jason LaFon Laurie LaFon Lexi Lafon Maddie Lafon Kyle Lagow Ashlie Lamb Jason Lamb David Lambeth Caitlin Lammle Josh Lammle Angela Land Shawn Land Leah Landes Tim Landes Jan Landsbaum Mark Landsbaum Alison Lane Christy Lane Scott Lane TJ Lane Matt Langan Michele Langan Jason Langford Jeanne Langley Levi Lanz Sarah Lanz Elle Larkin Philip LaRose Randy LaRose Chris Larson Kelly Larson Jody Lauden Daley Laurel Amanda Lawrence Honorable Phil Lawrence T.J. Lawrence Delia Laws Peter Laws Cathi Layfield Rena Laymon Becky Leach Honorable Jeff Leach Maria Leahey Gayle Ledbetter Connie LeDuc Duke LeDuc Ann Lee Brad Lee Eric Lee Huichen Lee Adam Leggett Honorable Heather Leggett
Michael Quinn Sullivan

“As a commonsense conservative, Chris Hill is a strong voice for taxpayers on the Collin County Commissioners Court.”

Michael Quinn Sullivan
• President, Empower Texans *

Danny Leightner Susie Leightner Richard Lemieux Jean Lemons Glenn Lendvay Tom Lendy David LeNeveu Elizabeth LeNeveu Carol Lenhard Honorable Henry Lessner David Lethe Timothy Levesque Stephanie Levesque-Murphy Dana Levine Honorable Scott Levine Amy Lewis Brian Lewis Dave Lewis Debbie Lewis Dena Lewis Greg Lewis Honorable Jim Lewis Honorable Johnny Lewis Honorable Lenny Lewis Rick Lewis Sara Lewis Sharon Lewis Stacy Lewis Zane Lewis Gail Leyko Martin Leyko Ellen Leyrer Michael Li Andy Librizzi Kathryn Librizzi Ann Lieber Thomas Lima Teresa Linberg Carol Lindemer Debbie Lindstrom Todd Lindstrom Gina Lineberger Jon Lineberger Scott Linke Susan Linke Bonnie Linnemeier Russ Linnemeier Carol Lisook Zach Litchford Honorable Larry Little Honorable Pam Little Abby Liu Esau Liu Jennifer Livesey Kevin Livesey Brittany Livingston Honorable Brian Livingston Sheri Lloyd Pat Lobb Sharon Lobb Bobbie Lodge Chauntel Logsdon Honorable Ken Logsdon Jeremy Logsdon Kate Logsdon Jan Lohmann Angelo Lomonte Daniel Long Vicky Long Edward Lopez Karen Lorenz Philip Lorenz Joann Loughlin Honorable Brian Loughmiller Mark Love Somer Love Ellen Loveless Honorable Marvin Lowe Jana Lowman John Lowman Marc Lowrance David Lubin Sally Lubin Jackie Luce Amanda Luedke Brandon Luedke Mary Ellen Lukers Jim Luscombe Robyn Luscombe Jennifer Lyles Ed Lynch Honorable Terry Lynch Justin Lynch Stanford Lynch Stuart Lynch Vicky Lynch Michelle Lynn Mike Lynn Dalton Lytle Jeff Lytle Keyton Lytle Lisa Lytle Lu Mackey Neal Mackey Beverly Madden Honorable Jerry Madden Mike Madden Chris Madrid Linda Madrid Nancy Madson Brian Magnuson Elizabeth Mahusay Fred Mahusay Jon Maib Melody Maib David Maiorani Dick Mallett Larry Malone Mike Malone Nancy Malone Thomas Manders Anna Mangieri Bill Mangieri Scott Manis Vicky Manis David Mann Melissa Mann Fred Marchena Cathy Marchino Dan Mares Laura Mares Miguel Mares Holly Mariam Lois Mariam Jennifer Marini Lou Marini Gary Marion Honorable Jim Marischen Adam Marks Angela Marks Angie Marks Anthony Marks Ashley Marks Boby Marks Brenda Marks Christopher Marks Cristy Marks Diane Marks Donatello Marks Dutchess Marks Gary Marks Ginger Marks Harry Marks Jenny Marks Joe Marks Joe Marks Joseph Marks Kevin Marks Linda Marks Mike Marks Molly Marks Nancy Marks Nancy Marks Nick Marks Paul Marks Pauline Marks Peaches Marks Pebbles Marks Priscilla Marks Ricky Marks Rita Marks Ron Marks Ron Marks Ruby Marks Samantha Marks Sandy Marks Sonny Marks Tom Marks Walter Marks Andrea Marsavonian CJ Marshall Julie Marshall Tom Marshall Sue Martens Christi Martin Dyna Martin Heather Martin James Martin James Martin
Carol Everett

“Chris Hill is a strong advocate for life who fights for our shared conservative values. Chris is not afraid to stand up and defend our values, and he is the right choice for Collin County. I’m pleased to endorse Chris Hill.”

Carol Everett
• President, The Heidi Group *

Jerrel Martin Jerry Martin Jerry Martin Mary Martin Patrick Martin Stephanie Martin Terry Martin Angela Martinez Mancruz Martinez Tommy Martinez Stefanie Martino Chip Marz Chris Marz Bob Masengill Honorable Louise Master Lynn Maternowski Phil Maternowski Sharon Mathews Priscilla Mathis Janyth Matkin Neil Matkin Wendy Mattingly Kenneth Mattson Kris Mattson Matt Mattson Susan Mattson Greg Maurer Julie Maurer Marie Mayeux-Cook CD Mayfield Katie Mayfield Anna Mayo Bryan Mayo Mike Mayo Adam McAbee Steven McAbee Hugh McAdams Kimberly McAdams Steve McAlister Curtis McAnally Kristina McAnally Janet McAuliffe Wayne McAuliffe Noel McBee Bud McBrayer Margie McCabe Colette McCadden John McCadden Dianne McCall Michelle McCandless Mike McCandless James McCarley Rex McCarley Sumer McCarley Annette McCarty Robert McCarty Terry McCarty Alice McCaulley Janet McChesney Mike McChesney Brian McClane Beth McClellan Curt McClellan Jean McCloud Lonnie McCloud Barbara McClure Bill McClure George McClure Morgan McComb Angela McCord Suzanne McCord Tim McCord Lee McCormick Todd McCown James McCoy Lynn McCoy Honorable Mike McCreary Honorable Carla McCroan Honorable Don McCroan Bill McCullough Joel McCune Beth McCurry Keith McDonald Mary Nell McDonald Phil McDonald Phil McDonald Elizabeth McFadden John McFadden Brian McFarling Terri McFarling Denise McGough Jim McGowan Shawn McGrew Don McGuire Jody McGuire Jonathan McGuire Michelle McHone Michelle McKenna Monique McKnight Vince McKnight Tom McLamore Jim McLean Dagny McLellan Pete McLellan Butch McLeod Kevin McMahon Lori McMahon Kelly McMullin Barbara McNutt Chris McNutt Chris McNutt Murphy McNutt Catherine McTernan Charles McTernan Sandie McWherter Troy Meadors Greg Meals Pamela Meaney John Meazell Kevin Mechler Sheryl Mechler Joshua Meek Kevin Meguire Patti Meguire Rosemarie Meintel Honorable Daren Meis Susan Meis Al Melillo Ann Mellon-Campbell Michella Melton Deepa Menon Honorable Raj Menon Jeff Mercer Tonya Mercer Cleo Meredith Tom Meredith Liz Merrell Sean Merrell Joe Mesler Mik Messer David Metcalf Leslie Metten Todd Metten Darren Meyer Honorable Cindy Meyer Mark Meyer Maura Meyer David Meyers Honorable Mayes Middleton Denise Midgley Jim Midgley Sarah Mihal Becky Mihalik Crystal Mikeman Kip Mikeman Chris Miksa Nicole Miksa Linda Mikyska Tehila Milenewicz Michelle Milholland Terry Milholland Barb Miller Bruce Miller Cindy Miller Herb Miller Honorable Clark Miller Honorable Lee Miller Honorable Meigs Miller John Miller Kathy Miller Kevin Miller Sissy Miller Steve Miller Tamara Miller Terri Miller Betsy Mills Bill Mills Scott Mills
Trey Graham

“Chris is a man of honesty and character who brings joy and perseverance to his job. He has the professional experience and the personal integrity to lead our county well. As a devoted follower of Jesus, I know that Chris will be guided by a biblical moral compass and a genuine love for people. I know that Mr. Hill will continue the fiscally conservative, business-friendly, pro-growth, low-tax and pro-family policies that already exist in Collin County while bringing new ideas for a challenging future. Bretta joins me in supporting Chris and Laura in this race. I encourage you to vote for Chris Hill as the Collin County Judge.”

Trey Graham
• Senior Pastor, First Melissa

Sheryl Mills Honorable Wayne Millsap Tricia Millsap Early Milstead Holly Milstead Lena Milstead Morgan Milstead Jen Jen Min Honorable Bruce Minchey Helga Minderjahn Joe Minissale Janet Minor Mark Minor Carol Mitchell Honorable Sarah Mitchell Ken Mitchell Honorable Carrolyn Moebius Zan Moltz Honorable Brent Money Joe Monroy Guadalupe Montes John Montes Christie Montgomery Courtney Montgomery Honorable John Montgomery Honorable Polly Montgomery Mark Montgomery Joni Mooneyham Bill Moore Debbie Moore Gene Moore Jim Moore Jimmy Moore Pattie Moore Phillis Moore Vickie Moore Ashley Morgan Cecil Morgan Christina Morgan Dick Morgan James Morgan Kathy Morgan Kevin Morgan Kim Morgan Luci Morgan Phil Morgan Ryan Morgan Mandy Morin Mike Morin LaNell Morold Reto Morosani Debbie Morozzo Greg Morris Greg Morris Jessica Morris Kerri Morris Matt Morris Shannon Morris Wendy Morris Chris Morrow Claudia Morrow Joann Morrow Gregg Moseman John Moser Trudy Moser Honorable Fred Moses Andy Mott Shannon Mott Janne Motter Jon Motter Christy Mowrey Barbara Mozingo Jeff Mozingo Curtis Muir Jack Mulos Linda Munroe Cesar Murillo Erika Murillo Roger Murphree Wilma Murphree Bill Murphy Debra Murray Emily Murray Janet Murray Tim Murray Danny Muzyka Elizabeth Muzyka Brooke Myers Debbie Myers Debra Myers Edwin Myers Jason Myers John Myers Mary Claire Myers Patty Myers Vicki Myers Clayton Myhre Lee Myrben Damon Naho’olewa Teri Naho’olewa Joe Nalley Danette Nassar Fred Nasseri Janis Nasseri Judith Neal Josh Ned Sherreese Ned Tommy Ned Greg Neely Leah Neely Roy Nelms Adrienne Nelson Matt Nelson Michael Nelson Rachel Nelson Roy Nelson Sandra Nelson William Neubauer Brittani Nevarez Jose Nevarez Ansley Nevil Brad Nevil Haley Nevil Michael Nevil Susan Newbold William Newburn William Newland Ann Newman Brian Newman Joshua Newman Cynthia Newton Honorable Richard Newton Clara Nichols Gracelyn Nichols Ivy Nichols Jesse Nichols Kathy Nichols Keila Nichols Sophie Nichols Tony Nichols Van Nichols Honorable Bill Nicol Louise Nicol DeeDee Nicoll Shane Nicoll Lori Nielsen Van Niemela Michelle Nietert Dawne Niethamer Honorable Candy Noble Destin Nobles Stacy Nobles David Noe Brant Noland David Normington Dub Norrid Liz Norrid Karrissa Norris Mitch Norris Jan North Scott North Ann Norton Holly Norton Kevin Norton Randy Norton Avis Novak Alexandria Nugent John Nugent Mary Nugent Honorable Omar Nunez Angela Nyberg Jeff Nyberg Jon Nyberg Victoria O’Bier Gina O’Briant Mark O’Briant George O’Brien Jim O’Neill Charlie O’Reilly Chris O’Reilly Honorable Frank O’Reilly Lizette O’Reilly Robert Oake Charles Oaks
Dana Harris

“Chris Hill’s depth of knowledge on the issues is second-to-none, as are his conservative bona fides. He’s a faithful advocate of the conservative principles that have made Collin County so successful in the first place.”

Dana Harris
• The Mom Caucus *

Honorable Ross Obermeyer Marilee Obermeyer Bridgette Obr John Obr JT Oden Evelyn Ogbogu Kingsley Ogbogu Ronald Olds Gaye Oliver Louis Oliver Stephanie Oliver Susan Oliver Matt Olivolo Honorable Jim Olk Joy Olk Steven Ollmann Birken Olson Honorable Ken Oltmann Sonja Oonk Mike Openshaw Honorable Jim Orr Rebecca Orr Tony Ortiz Dave Osburn Ileana Osburn Matthew Osburn Leslie Oschuer Mark Ostertag Rhoda Ostertag Gina Maria Ottavio Yassir Oulmokhtar Sara Overal Allison Overstreet Honorable Craig Overstreet Cinda Owen Coby Owen J.M. Owen Mike Owen Barrett Owens Chris Owens Gwen Owens Misty Owens Natasha Owens Joe Ownbey Bob Pace Margaret Pace Shannah Pace Denise Pacific Phil Pacific David Padgett Hayden Padgett Stephanie Padgett Michael Padilla Steve Palma Barbara Palmer Brenda Palmer Dana Palmer Mark Palmer Mary Palmer Rebekah Palmer Summer Palmer Dan Panetti Tricia Panetti Katherine Park Brent Parker Carolyn Parker Doug Parker Herb Parker Jason Parker Julie Parker Marion Parker Melba Parker Mizraim Parker Scott Parker Shirley Parker Charlotte Parrill Anjana Patel Crystal Patrick Robert Patrick Cindy Patterson Dee Patterson Jeff Patterson John Patterson Nancy Patterson Shannon Patterson Sheila Patterson Troy Patterson Kelly Patterson-Herndon Kali Patton Keith Patton Michael Patton Yvonne Patton Mary Ann Pauken Bob Paulk Linda Paulk Blair Paulsen Robert Paulsen John Paulson Susan Paulson Honorable Angela Paxton Anna Payne Jared Payne Kari Payne Matt Payne Michelle Peden Honorable Kathleen Peele Alison Peerson Seth Peerson Bonta Penrose Bill Penz Kim Penz Thomas Percival Daniel Perea Leo Perea Jodi Perovich Joe Perovich Brandi Perry David Perry Karen Perry Stephen Perry Will Perry Mark Peterman Ronda Peterman Julie Peterson Kirk Peterson Ruth Peterson Joel Petrazio Dawn Petrik Jason Petrik Mike Petrik Christie Pettibon Patrick Pettibon Anne Pfeiffer Cain Honorable Charlie Philips Caitlin Phillips David Phillips Honorable Julia Phillips Honorable Marley Phillips Karen Phillips Lynn Phillips Oleta Phillips Laura Phipps Mike Phipps Charlotte Pickett Honorable Jay Pierce Karin Pierce Kenny Pierce Laura Pierce Mary Pierpont Honorable Nate Pike Lacey Pike Honorable Jim Pikl Joanie Pikl Glenda Pinkston Jim Pinkston Sandee Pinkston James Pitcher Mark Pittman Sarah Pittman Brad Pitts Gwen Pitts Ivy Pitts Joel Pitts Cary Platt Noah Platt Sara Lyn Platt Ally Plummer Jason Plummer Honorable Tom Plunkett Holly Podkowa William Podkowa Ashleigh Pogue Ben Pogue Brandon Pogue Honorable Randy Pogue Jen Pogue Judy Pogue Paul Pogue Neal Polan Kathy Pollard Chris Pomeroy Chrissy Pomeroy Honorable Ben Ponce Bob Pope Jan Pope Honorable Christina Porath
Bill Blake

“When so many elected Republicans struggled to find their principles in a moment of uncertainty, my friend and Collin County Judge Chris Hill stood as a beacon of leadership, reminding us that free enterprise—invested in every single effort of entrepreneurship—is essential to our system. Any standard short of that invokes the incremental yoke of socialist tyranny.”

Bill Blake
• President, The Lincoln Society *

Honorable Matthew Porter Dave Portillo Paige Portillo Daniel Porzio Clay Potter Jake Potter Kim Potter Gene Potts Tracy Potts Aaron Powell Honorable Angela Powell John Powell Laura Powell Simon Powell Dave Power Howard Powers Bill Pratt Cindy Pratt Doug Pratt Kari Pratt Terry Prescott Darlene Preston Melinda Preston Rhett Preston Tad Preston Mike Presz Brandi Price Frank Price Honorable Dick Price Honorable Mary Price Jill Price Robert Price Ron Price Candace Priest John Primrose Lisa Primrose Dee Privitt Debbie Prom John Prom Jim Provence Clint Pruett Connie Pruett Chuck Pruszynski Ted Puchacz Travis Puckett Megan Pulley Pat Pulley Honorable Phillip Pulliam Kris Pulliam Beth Purcell David Quick Bob Quigley Chuck Quigley Mary Ann Quigley Tania Quigley Becky Quinn Caleb Quinn Mark Quinn Jaime Raaj Bryan Raaum Srini Raghavan Carl Ralph Terry Ramsey Vivek Rana D’rinda Randall David Randall Larry Randall Craig Randolph Sharon Randolph Carol Randrup Mel Randrup Kristin Rankins Robert Rankins John Ratcliff Nancy Ratcliff Cary Ratliff Marisha Ratliff John Rattan Terrie Rattan Amy Rattleff Michael Rattleff Kelly Raumm Andy Rausch Janet Rawe Caleb Ray Doug Ray Gwen Ray Honorable Marcus Ray Madelyn Ray Micah Ray Michele Ray Nico Ray Saber Ray Tom Ray Dave Reagan Stephani Reazor Kyle Redel Tessa Redel Brad Redfield Doug Reece Conan Reed Lora Reed Doug Reeves Gary Reeves Jeremy Reeves John Reeves Larry Reeves Sharon Reeves Sue Reeves Cary Reid Josh Reid Ashley Reilly TJ Reilly Gwen Reinarz Jim Reinarz Brian Reinhardt Tonya Reinhardt Honorable Andy Reitinger Vicki Reitinger Julie Rembold Marthe Rennels Will Rennels Barbara Renshaw Don Renshaw Rich Resser Joe Reynold Gwen Reynolds Scott Reynolds Fran Rhodes Nicole Rhodes Brandon Rhymes Christie Rhyne Honorable Anthony Ricciardelli Liesl Ricciardelli Art Ricciardi Barry Rich Tina Rich Susan Richard Wayne Richard Brooke Richardson Honorable Heather Richardson JR Richardson Kenneth Richardson Keresa Richardson Tyler Richardson Neil Riddick Grieg Riddle Joanne Riddle Cindy Rieger Michael Riep Robyn Riep Ginger Riggins John Riggins William Riggs Honorable Matt Rinaldi Darrel Rivard Kathi-Ann Rivard Al Rivas Judy Rivera Ricky Rivera Adam Rizzieri Jessica Rizzieri Beth Roach Dwain Robb Susanne Robb Christy Robbins Jason Robbins Marjie Robbins Vance Robbins Teri Roberson Troy Roberson Aubrey Roberts Darren Roberts Ken Roberts Linda Roberts Michael Roberts Ray Roberts Nancy Robertson Barb Robinson Barbara Robinson Jamie Robinson Keith Robinson Robert Robinson Leanna Robl Jonathan Rocha Lisa Rocha Curtis Rock Janet Rock Honorable Gary Rodenbaugh Kim Rodenbaugh Charles Rodgers Danny Rodgers
Mary Carl Finkelstein

“Chris Hill has the unique skill set and people skills that make him extraordinarily qualified to serve Collin County. The issues facing a growing county like Collin County need the type of expertise and conservative values that Chris brings to the table. Chris is a man of integrity, who values his family and desires to foster a community that supports families, business and a small government. I endorse Chris Hill.”

Mary Carl Finkelstein, Plano

Pat Rodgers Rebekah Rodgers Veneta Rodrigues Daniel Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez Miguel Rodriguez Brenda Rogers Carl Rogers Scott Rogge Brian Rohr Sherry Rohr Mona Roise Brandon Rojas Luz Rojas Jim Roland Rita Rolf JJ Roomsburg Honorable Ken Roose Robin Roose Joe Ropar Jacque Rorick Rob Rorick Alison Rose Gerry Rose Hunter Rose Tommy Rose Victoria Rose James Rosenberg Marilyn Rosenhouse Minton Rosenhouse Bill Rosnett Bob Ross Curtis Ross Deanna Ross Gela Ross Lara Ross Laurel Ross Paula Ross Ron Ross Ryan Ross Scott Ross Sheila Ross Joe Rossi Matt Rostami Jeff Rourke Sarah Rouse Steve Rouse Randy Routon Shandi Routson David Rowden Jessica Rowe Scott Rowe Ed Rowen Dave Roy Jenny Roy Sean Roy JoAnne Ruark-Ackermann Steve Rubin Daniel Rudd Lori Rudd Joanna Ruddell Todd Ruddell Kelly Rudiger Adam Ruef Aleshia Ruehl Martin Ruehl James Ruff Lailani Rumfield Mike Rumfield Scott Rupe Shonda Rupe Adam Rushlow Joanna Rushlow Bob Rusoff Clay Russell David Russell Laura Russell Michelle Russell Wendy Russell Carolyn Russo Joe Russo Mark Rutledge Jason Ryan Ron Ryan Yolanda Ryan Tracy Ryerson Nathan Rylander Honorable Jay Saad Denise Sachse Hossein Sadeghi Jonathan Saenz April Salazar Mike Salazar Mindi Salmonson Terry Salmonson Cara Saltar Allan Samara Yvonne Samonte Ann Sampson Honorable Ron Samuels Jan Samuels Keith Samuelson Silvia Sanchez David Sandgren Xana Sandgren Candie Sandlin Dustin Sandlin Martha Sandstedt Honorable Scott Sanford Honorable Terry Sanner Sandra Sanner Honorable Vicki Sanson Abigail Santana Claudia Santee Jeff Santee Anu Saraf Holli Saskiw Kevin Saskiw Hiram Sasser Robbie Sasser Miriam Satterfield Greg Satterwhite Lori Satterwhite Bernadette Savino Henry Savino Jeff Sawyer Lyn Sawyer Doug Saylor Vicky Saylor Cindy Scarborough Ed Schabel Molly Schabel Liv Schad John Scheef Tammy Schienke Judy Schmidt Sue Schmidt Chris Schmitt Heather Schmitt Lori Schnier Candice Schober Scott Schober Ben Scholz Ron Schoof Bill Schroeder Keith Schroeder Michelle Schroeder Robyn Schroeder Kelley Schubert Robin Schubert Honorable Chris Schulmeister Jeanie Schulmeister Michael Schwerin Pat Scott Riley Scott Wayne Scott Bob Seei Honorable Kathy Seei John Sefcik Jason Segner Kari Segner Kenneth Seguin Brenda Seifi Mahan Seifi Melodee Seifi Brad Seiler Gail Seiler Colin Selden Meredith Selden Honorable Keith Self Joan Self Ken Self Tracy Self Kim Selzer Caleb Sempebwa Denise Senter Tiffany Senter Gene Sera Kristy Sera Samantha Sera Will Sera Harry Sermersheim Emily Serna Tony Serna Bryan Serpas Debbie Serpas Daniel Serralde Sandra Setliff Joey Sevin Marilyn Sevin Carol Sewell Honorable Stan Sewell Karen Shackelford
Mike Openshaw

“Chris has been an integral part of the uniquely conservative governance of Collin County since his arrival on the Court and I have personally run into Chris several times down in Austin, advocating – not for bigger, unconstrained government (as so many other County officials do) – but for fiscal restraint and taxpayer rights. The average Collin County taxpayer has had no better friend than Chris.”

Mike Openshaw, Plano

Kelly Shackelford Tom Shackelford Honorable Dave Shafer Becky Shaheen Honorable Matt Shaheen Mike Shaheen Robyn Shaheen Craig Shaver Melissa Shaver Brandi Shaw Cliff Shaw Janet Shaw Pat Sheehan Michael Sheehy Nathan Sheets Patty Sheets Wendy Shelley Mary Jo Shelton Michael Shelton Mikey Shelton Johnny Shen Maria Shen Jim Shepherd Kris Sherman Kristi Sherman Chris Sherwood Stan Sherwood Bob Shewmaker Kathy Shewmaker Mackie Shiflett Carole Shine-Jones Doreen Shinn Honorable Randal Shinn Carol Shipley Chris Shipley Jeni Shipman Allyson Shirar-Freeman Doug Shockey Laura Shockey Larry Sholl Anna Short James Short Susan Shuttleworth Chuck Sibley Michael Sices Jane Sidler Chris Siebenhausen Lesley Siebenhausen Erik Silberbauer Efrem Silerio Tabitha Silerio Donald Silver Sue Silver Daniel Siminiuk Mimi Siminiuk Chuck Simmons Erny Simmons Heather Simmons Honorable Robert Simmons Honorable Ron Simmons Jordan Simmons Lisa Simmons Patti Simmons Steve Simmons Jason Simon Nancy Simon Craig Sims Edie Sims Jacenta Sims Kyle Sims Lynn Sims Ricky Sims Badri Singh Rakhi Singh Honorable Greg Singleton Andy Sipes Summer Sipes Gary Sirota Ellen Skinner Honorable Jim Skinner John Skinner Pat Skipper Jo Carol Slaughter Michael Slaughter Glenna Slavens John Slavens LaTrelle Smart Juli Smiddy Michael Smiddy Buffy Smith Carmen Smith Chad Smith David Smith Dawn Smith Dick Smith Earl Smith Erin Smith Holly Smith Honorable Michelle Smith Honorable Ray Smith Honorable Rick Smith James Smith Janet Smith Kelly Smith Lena Smith Michael Smith Ruth Smith Scott Smith Shayla Smith Stacey Smith Tim Smith Valerie Smith Aaron Snell Holly Snell Malachi Snell Shirley Snell Kris Snellgrove Mike Snellgrove Helene Snider Jack Snipes Joann Snodgrass Amy Snow Luke Snow Barbara Snyder Chip Snyder Honorable Todd Snyder Johnny Snyder Kristin Snyder Maria Snyder Ron Snyder Suzie Snyder Michael Solberg Virginia Solberg Zane Solberg Kayla Sollars Ta’ Soriaga Jennifer Sorrells Cliff Sosamon Paula Sosamon Belinda Soto Isaac Soto Leah Soto Mindi Soto Jeff Sparkman Sarah Sparkman Bristal Speciale Julie Spehar Brenda Speight Jerry Speight Brett Spell Shari Spell Melissa Spence Steve Spence Stacie Spiker Sara Spock Betty Spooner Honorable Betty Spraggins Honorable Carolyn Spurgin Newt Spurgin Tracy Spurgin John Squiric Lisa Squiric Mary Stabile Honorable Shep Stahel Joe Ann Stahel Nancy Staley William Staley Chad Stallings Debbie Stallings Tiffani Standridge Angela Stanley Ray Stanley Constance Stanton Allison Stark Clay Stark Joe Steele Richard Steger Shea Steger Lee Steglich Carson Steinbauer Joe Steinbauer Alyson Steiner Honorable Justin Steiner Ami Stephens
John Wroten

“As one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, Collin County must be strategic and disciplined in its approach to county development and financial leadership. I am proud to endorse Chris Hill. Chris works diligently to promote fiscal responsibility, low taxes, and a strong business environment. He has the conservative principles, financial experience, and personal integrity to serve with excellence.”

John Wroten, Fairview

Honorable Derek Stephens Ken Stephens Tim Stephens Tina Stephens Tammany Stern Marci Stevens Ryan Stevens Barbara Stevenson Betty Stevenson Mark Stevenson Beverly Stewart CE Stewart Cindy Stewart Cynthia Stewart Don Stewart Jackie Stewart Randy Stewart Jay Stine Lori Stine Cherice Stoltzfus Dwayne Stoltzfus Adam Stone Ashley Stone Carol Stone Heidi Stone Jack Stone Julian Stone Kendall Stone Liam Stone Noah Stone Teresa Stone Carol Stoner Dave Stoner Jonathan Strain Honorable Dave Strang Rebecca Straughn Paige Streeter Adam Strickland Christie Strickland Honorable Dan Stricklin Mary Stringer Debbie Strong Josh Strong Jaden Struckmeyer Steven Struckmeyer Theresa Struckmeyer Al Stuessy Millie Stuessy Denise Stufflebeam John Stufflebeam Jon Stuver Diane Suber John Sullivan Mike Sullivan Tammie Sullivan Felicity Sumner Angie Swanner Jeff Swanner Gabriel Swiatkiewicz Linda Szymczyk Alan Taggart Janet Talabay Shelley Tallman Mia Tangeman Heather Tanner Melissa Tarbox Wes Tarbox Allison Tarpley Judy Tarpley Mark Tarpley Randy Tarpley Billy Tate Brandee Tate Anne-Marie Taylor Blair Taylor Bry Taylor Frank Taylor Heather Taylor Jennifer Taylor Jenny Taylor Josh Taylor Kristi Taylor Pamela Taylor Ron Taylor Seana Taylor Lynda Teasley Stewart Teasley Marc Teel Jimmy Teeling Renae Telford Honorable Robb Temple Lisa Temple Jim Templin Jennifer TenBrink Ryan TenBrink Mike Terner Tom Terrall Angie Terry Honorable Sean Terry Honorable Charles Teske Janet Thatcher Bill Theis Darla Theis Kari Theobald Margaret Theobald C.C. Theophine Courtney Thielepape Matt Thielepape Sherrie Thoman Brent Thomas Brian Thomas Brian Thomas Cheryl Thomas Cody Thomas Emily Thomas Honorable John Thomas Kara Thomas Keely Thomas Michael Thomas Nicki Thomas Sara Thomas Tim Thomas Tracy Thomas Veronica Thomas Dick Thompson Jason Thompson Paul Thompson Ralph Thompson Travis Thon Alison Thornal Sam Thornal Alisha Thorsen Matt Thorsen Georgia Thurman Michael Thurman Dana Tillman Ellen Tillman Diane Tingle Les Tingle Chris Tippett Ashley Titsworth Honorable Steve Tittle Salena Tittle John Todd Matthew Todd Kathy Todryk Mike Todryk Randy Toler Beth Tomek Barbara Tomes Bob Tomes Dionne Torre Ken Torre Vicente Torres Vicki Torres Gabriel Touma Cody Towns Heather Towns Linda Townson Will Townson Honorable Ben Trahan John Transue Zach Travis Cash Traylor Elaine Traylor Dave Treanor Tracy Treanor Cris Treviño Kristen Triplett Michael Tritthart Shantel Tritthart John Trombello Julie Trombello Honorable Dan Trott Dan Trotter Kathleen Trotter Jenni Truax Robert Truax Zane Truax Alicia Tubbs Charlie Tucker Suzanne Tucker Todd Tucker Lynda Tuma Jim Turner Honorable Jason Turney
Sandie McWherter

“Chris Hill is our man! His integrity and values make him invaluable to our county government! He is ethical, straight forward, and never compromises.”

Sandie McWherter, McKinney

Shana Turney Honorable Alonzo Tutson Sheilla Tutson Jude Ulibarri Lauren Ulibarri Carson Underwood Honorable Keven Underwood Jenna Underwood Laila Underwood Suzanne Unumb Jan Urban John Urban Christian Valdez Jessica Valdez Dale Van Dellen Daniel Van der kolk Joan Van Vliet Chuck Vance Kathy Vance Jessica Vanderwel Matthew Vanderwel Kirk VanMeter Marilyn VanMeter Aaron Vann Kim Vann David Vartian Carolyn Vaughn Greg Vaughn Jennifer Vaughn Amie Vawter Andy Vawter Roy Veal Suzanne Veal Steve Velderman Victoria Velisek Jan Venkatesan Venky Venkatesan Jennifer Venteicher Justin Venteicher Bryan Vieregge Megan Vieregge Al Vilches Christina Vilches Gina Vincent Warren Vincent Kim Vitz Kelley Vivian Emily Vodek Jason Vodek Honorable Paul Voelker Kris Voelker Chris Vogelsang Lora Vogelsang Kevin Voigt Philip Voigt Tara Voigt Honorable Karl Voigtsberger Kathy Voigtsberger Oleg Voloshin Olga Voloshina Chrissy Vorderbruggen Jason Vorderbruggen Jay Vorderbruggen Matthew Vorderbruggen Meredith Vorderbruggen Julia Voyles Kent Voyles Victoria Voyles Doc Vranici David Wade Glenn-Adair Wade Peggy Wade Rick Wade Terry Wade Anna Wageman Paul Wageman Lupe Wagers Mike Wagers Janet Wagner Stephen Wagstaff Brock Wakham Jan Walker Jared Wall Regina Wall Bill Wallace Chris Wallace Christopher Wallace Julia Wallace Mark Wallace Bridgette Wallis Mike Wallis Bret Walsh Deb Walter Honorable Opie Walter Barry Walters Anastasia Walterscheid Cynthia Wambsganss Kacy Wambsganss Larry Wambsganss Tyler Wambsganss Misty Wamhoff Patrick Wamhoff Kyla Wapskineh Shane Wapskineh Alicia Ward Bo Ward Chad Ward Ella Ward Honorable Kathy Ward Jacqueline Ward Michelle Ward Wendy Ward Bill Ware Holly Ware Renee Warren Tammy Warren Dona Watson Mark Watson Michael Watson Stephanie Watson Cheri Watts Jason Watts Kristin Watts Larry Watts Sean Watts Stacey Watts Debbie Waupsh Staci Weaver Amanda Webber Honorable Bill Webber Dana Weber Roy Wedge Melissa Wegleitner Brian Weinberg Mary Weinberg Kimberly Weiner Terry Weiner Carly Weiss Chad Weiss Allison Welch Andrew Welch Logan Welch Rob Welch Shelly Welch Larry Weldon Jerry Wells Albert Wenzell Priscilla Wertenberger Marcia Weslocky Bud Wessel Marilyn Wessel Greg West Jerry West Sue Ann West Tolli West Betty Westbrook Christy Westbrook Mark Wester Rachel Wester Ellen Westerheid Jim Westerheid James Westphalen BC Wetton Beth Wetton Jonathan Wetton Stephanie Weyenberg Richard Whaley Jan Wheat Phil Wheat Roger Wheelock Loraine Whetten Denise Whiddon Phyllis Whigham Christy White David White Jayne White Lynn White Melissa White Wanda White Honorable Maggie Whitt Devin Whitworth
Scott Britton

“Chris Hill provided bold and critical leadership in the tumultous initial period of the COVID pandemic. He made the hard decisions that allowed our family to get through this trying past year. Not closing down businesses in Collin County and allowing us to continue operations in a safe manner saved the livelihoods and lives of all of our employees.”

Scott Britton, Allen

Honorable Maria Whitworth Honorable Bryon Wiebold Misty Wiebold Maddison Wied Matt Wied Melanie Wied Honorable Wendie Wigginton Kirby Wilbur Trina Wilbur Greg Wilcox Leigh Wilcox Randall Wilder Rick Wiley Sheila Wilkinson Jane Willard Andre Williams Bob Williams Chris Williams Dawn Williams Don Williams Douglas Williams Ed Williams Honorable Cheryl Williams Honorable Rhonda Williams Honorable Shane Williams Honorable Shelby Williams Honorable Terry Williams Joe Williams Judy Williams Judy Williams Kay Williams Kevin Williams Marisa Williams Mariya Williams Mike Williams Rickey Williams Tammy Williams Marjorie Willich Jan Williford Jennifer Williford Trey Williford Courtney Willis Honorable Greg Willis Josh Willis Amanda Willoughby Kristal Willoughby Mike Willoughby Lana Wilmot Bracy Wilson David Wilson Diane Wilson Don Wilson Estela Wilson Honorable Kirk Wilson Honorable Tim Wilson Hope Wilson Jim Wilson Kamelia Wilson Marv Wilson Melissa Wilson Renetta Wilson Sheila Wilson Brian Winchester Jill Windsor Jennifer Wiscunewsky Anthony Wiseman Ron Witherington Tammy Witherington Dick Witt John Witt Yuliya Witt Mark Woita Julie Wolfe Eddie Wood Heather Wood Karl Wood Ben Woodard Debbie Woodard Kirk Woodburn Suzanne Woodburn Carol Woodman Randall Woodman Diane Woodruff Jon Woodruff Mary Woodruff Ron Woodruff Bruce Woods Haroldy Woods Gene Woodward Julie Woodward Kaye Woodward Mandi Woodward Wayne Woodward Darlene Workman Rick Worrel Barbara Worth Dana Worth Christine Wright David Wright Diana Wright Edgar Wright Greg Wright Honorable Kay Wright Jerod Wright Kay Wright Kim Wright Laurie Wright Peggy Wright Rafe Wright Randy Wright Rustin Wright Ruthie Wright Steven Wright Tara Wright Honorable Leahray Wroten John Wroten Mark Wyatt Melissa Wyatt Rhonda Wyatt Ron Wyatt Jen Wycoff Joe Wycoff Gary Wydman Honorable Brad Wysong Patricia Wysong Mark Yablon Sammy Yang James Yarbrough Susan Yarbrough Missy Yeager Ryan Yeager Colleen Yellak Polly Yellak Timothy Yellak Howard Yoas Jennifer Yoch Arthur Young Dalene Young Helen Young Honorable Alicia Young Matthew Young Pierce Young Ernie Yu Huiping Yuan Brittany Yurkovitch Mike Zaal Doug Zadow Hank Zhang Helmut Zimmerman Gene Zirkelbach Sharron Zirkelbach David Zugehoer Elaine Zugehoer

* Organization names included for identification purposes only.