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Hill family

Texas Values.
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Texas Values. Texas Strong.

Judge Chris Hill

My roots run deep in Collin County. Five generations of my family have made their home here, and I’m working hard to preserve and protect the blessings and the opportunities of Collin County for future generations of my family and yours. I love the people and the communities of our county, and it’s my privilege to serve and represent you and your family.

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Courageous. Conservative. Leadership.

Courageous. Conservative. Leadership.

While other elected officials were busy enforcing lockdowns and making arbitrary lists of essential and non-essential workers, Judge Chris Hill boldly declared that “Every Texan is essential” and he stood strong to defend the liberties and livelihoods of all Texans.

Judge Hill’s response to COVID-19 was consistent with his leadership style: measured, thoughtful, strategic, and effective.

The results are clear. Today, Collin County is arguably the healthiest, safest, and strongest county in Texas! And after ten consecutive years of property tax rate decreases, Collin County also has the #1 lowest county property tax rate in Texas!

“If the government can declare you ‘non-essential’ and take away your right to work and provide for your family, you’ve already lost your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

– Chris Hill