You are cordially invited to a fundraising reception for
Collin County Commissioner
Chris Hill

Featuring Special Guest
Former Congressman & Lt. Col. (ret.)
Allen West

Thursday, October 26, 2017
3:30 PM VIP Guided Tour of The Star (with Allen West)
5:30 PM VIP Reception (with Allen West)
6:00 PM General Reception

Omni Frisco Hotel at The Star
11 Cowboys Way, Frisco, Texas 75034

Honorary Host Committee

State Legislators

State Senator Bryan Hughes ★ State Representative Cole Hefner ★ State Representative Matt Krause ★ State Representative Matt Rinaldi ★ State Representative Scott Sanford ★ State Representative Matt Shaheen ★ State Representative Scott Turner (former)

Mayors & Mayors Pro Tem

Mayor Pro Tem John Adler, Fairview ★ Mayor Pro Tem Julie Anderson, Melissa (former) ★ Mayor Pro Tem Chad Barnes, Anna (former) ★ Mayor Olena Bonner, Enchanted Oaks (former) ★ Mayor Pro Tem Justin Burr, Anna ★ Mayor John Mark Caldwell, Princeton ★ Mayor Joe Cordina, Parker (former) ★ Mayor Mike Crist, Anna ★ Mayor Darion Culbertson, Fairview ★ Mayor Pro Tem Rick Grady, Plano ★ Mayor Eric Hogue, Wylie ★ Mayor Pro Tem Rich Hooper, Princeton ★ Mayor Pro Tem (Deputy) Ron Kelley, Plano ★ Mayor Trace Kinnard, Nevada ★ Mayor Pro Tem Henry Lessner, Fairview ★ Mayor Pro Tem Lenny Lewis, Lowry Crossing (former) ★ Mayor Carla McCroan, Josephine (former) ★ Mayor Jim Olk, Lucas ★ Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Peele, Lucas ★ Mayor Pro Tem Dick Price, Fairview (former) ★ Mayor Phillip Pulliam, Blue Ridge (former) ★ Mayor Pro Tem Shep Stahel, Plano (former) ★ Mayor Derek Stephens, Lowry Crossing ★ Mayor Charles Teske, Lavon ★ Mayor Opie Walter, Saint Paul ★ Mayor Bill Whitfield, McKinney (former) ★ Mayor Leahray Wroten, Fairview (former)

School District Trustees

Honorable Paul Anderson, Melissa ISD ★ Honorable Lisa Caldwell, Princeton ISD ★ Honorable David Coleman, Farmersville ISD ★ Honorable Barbara Goss, Wylie ISD ★ Honorable Duane Hayes, Anna ISD (former) ★ Honorable Jim Herblin, Richardson ISD (former) ★ Honorable Marilyn Hinton, Plano ISD (former) ★ Honorable Louise Master, Allen ISD ★ Honorable Mike McCreary, Blue Ridge ISD ★ Honorable Carrolyn Moebius, Plano ISD (former) ★ Honorable John Montgomery, Allen ISD ★ Honorable Greg Myer, Plano ISD ★ Honorable Tom Plunkett, Anna ISD ★ Honorable Angela Powell, Plano ISD ★ Honorable Gary Rodenbaugh, Lovejoy ISD (former) ★ Honorable Ken Roose, Farmersville ISD ★ Honorable Dr. Yoram Solomon ★ Honorable Carolyn Spurgin, Melissa ISD (former) ★ Honorable Darrell Tate, McKinney ISD (former) ★ Honorable Alicia Young, Community ISD

Collin County Officials

Honorable Gary Edwards, Constable ★ Honorable Yoon Kim, District Clerk (former) ★ Honorable Mark Reid, Commissioner (former) ★ Honorable Keith Self, County Judge ★ Honorable Greg Willis, District Attorney

Collin College Trustees

Honorable Bob Collins ★ Honorable Mac Hendricks ★ Honorable Raj Menon ★ Honorable Fred Moses ★ Honorable Jim Orr

City & Town Councils

Honorable Kimberly Barrow, New Hope ★ Honorable John Beazley, Anna ★ Honorable Steve Bell, McKinney (former) ★ Honorable Carl Clemencich, Allen ★ Honorable Nathan Council, Princeton ★ Honorable Kelly Davis, McKinney (former) ★ Honorable Steve Duke, Lucas ★ Honorable Tommy Ellison, Grand Prairie (former) ★ Honorable Deb Fisher, Lucas ★ Honorable David Goss, Wylie (former) ★ Honorable Greg Griser, Lowry Crossing ★ Honorable Bob Groff, McKinney (former) ★ Honorable Tom Harrison, Plano ★ Honorable Buddy Hayes, Anna (former) ★ Honorable Paul Hendricks, Fairview ★ Honorable Joey Herald, Allen ★ Honorable Ron Kasian, Fairview (former) ★ Honorable John Keating, Frisco ★ Honorable Philip Lawrence, Lucas ★ Honorable Pam Little, Fairview ★ Honorable Rene Martinez, Anna ★ Honorable Stan Mercer, Melissa (former) ★ Honorable Cindy Meyer, Parker ★ Honorable Lee Miller, Anna ★ Honorable Wayne Millsap, Lucas ★ Honorable Bill Nicol, Fairview ★ Honorable Omar Nunez, New Hope ★ Honorable Frank O’Reilly, Fairview (former) ★ Honorable Craig Overstreet, Farmersville ★ Honorable Charlie Philips, McKinney ★ Honorable Julia Phillips, Lowry Crossing ★ Honorable Mary Price, Fairview (former) ★ Honorable Anthony Ricciardelli, Plano ★ Honorable Ron Samuels, Fairview (former) ★ Honorable Terry Sanner, New Hope (former) ★ Honorable Stan Sewell, Carrollton (former) ★ Honorable Rick Smith, Plano ★ Honorable Michelle Smith, Rockwall (former) ★ Honorable Betty Spraggins, Murphy ★ Honorable Chad Taylor, Melissa ★ Honorable Dan Trott, Melissa (former) ★ Honorable Bill Webber, Celina

Thank you for your support!


Includes VIP Reception & VIP Guided Tour of The Star for 8


Includes VIP Reception & VIP Guided Tour of The Star for 4


Includes VIP Reception & VIP Guided Tour of The Star for 2


Includes VIP Reception for 4


Includes VIP Reception for 2


Includes VIP Reception for 1


Individual Ticket to the General Reception